play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


13. Pain


~Harry~  I know how to do the same thing Em did to me it's going to hurt her but you got to play to win. I walk to Em's door to make sure she wasn't home "Em are you there?!" I yell. She doesn't answer so I used the spare key she hides unlocking the door then walking in and I call Taylor to tell her my plan "Im in!!!" she yelps in excitment now I just have to wait til Em comes home.

~Embrianna~  I walk into the house hearing a moaning noise come from my room I walk in my room to see Harry on top of Taylor in my bed, in my room, and in my house I dont fucking think so. "You skinny bitch before I count to one i'd suggest you get out my damn house before I yank those Family Dollar hair extentions out of your hair!" "ONE" I turn around to see the girl picking up her clothes I grab her by the hair and yanking her onto the floor beating her until her pretty little face bled. "You dumb bitch I loved him and you took him away!!!" "EM STOP!!!" he yells he grabs my shoulders I turned around and slapped him coldly in the face "DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME YOU SON OF A BITCH GET OUT AND TAKE YOUR SKANK WITH YOU!!!" "Em" I hear him say tears brimming in his eyes "GO AHEAD CRY I DONT CARE...WHY DONT YOU GO FUCK YOUR SISTER!" I say almost the same thing he said to me when he beat Louie and one more thing "LEAV ME ALONE...I wish you never woke up so I wouldn't have to see your filthy face again." I say to him harshly as he stormed out. Relizing what I just did I droped to the floor putting my face in my palms turning on the radio hopeing it would help now playing 'Over Again' by: One Direction as I listen to the words carefully knowing what they where singing about "Said id never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt tongue tied over 3 wrods cursed running over thoughts that make my feet hurt bodies intwined with her lips now she's been so low since she went solo hold in the middle of my heart like a polo cause it no joke to me so can we do it all over again" as I shut off the radio tears streamming down my face I could feel the pain in my stomach.

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