play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


6. Linked

~Embrianna~  As I walk through the hall looking for the guy who rocked my world lastnight he is nowhere in sight. *RING RING* theres the bell hopefully i'll see him in Science. I walked through the door seeing him staring at me with his emerald eyes looking me up and down me lightly blushing everyone stared at me even my best friend Tamia Cosper. "Why are you so glowing?" she says to me jokingly. "I lost my V-card Me and Harry...well had sex" "YOU WHAT?" screamong in the classroom kicking her in the shin "OU!" "SHUT UP" I say gritting my teeth. "Hello Class!" Harry taps me on the arm "You know what we should do?" he whispers in my ear "What?" I reply sexily bitting my lip not believing what he just said "We should have sex in here when the class leaves" him kissing my neck softly "Sure but it...oh what the hell lets do it." "Today you turn in your project if you don't turn it in today you will get an automatic "0". "we have them all" a girl in the back says "Okay then let's go to the Library!"then they leave. I walk towards Harry plopping into the seat next to him he looks at me up and down then puts his hand on my upper theigh he slowly starts running his finger up and down giving me pleasure.

~Harry~  I could see the goosebumps rising on her skin as she bit her lip trying not to moan out loud she whispers with her soft delicate voice "What are you waiting for? her replyng "It would be even better if we did it on the teachers desk" in a now sexy and seductive voice as she nibbles my ear and then winking I grab her hand grasping it in mine it fits perfectly.

~Embrianna~  I take all the items off the desk to give me and Harry room to do it. I unzip his pants and let him pull it out he then pulls down my pants and underwear "Not all the way" I whisper in his ear "Well then we'll do a quickie" he enters me swaying his hips "Oh Harry Uhh!" "Shhh" he puts his finger on my lips then I lick it slowly moving to the tip of his finger. I travel lower to stick his tip in my mouth then putting it all in "Uhhhh!" "shhhh" I put my finger over his mouth "Now who's moaning!" we finish up pulling our pants up grasping each others hands and walking downstairs.

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