play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


16. Home at last (chapter a little mature 16+)


~Embrianna~  *1 week later* I'm finally home with my own family holding Angel in my arms seeing how tiny she was and that me and Harry made this child is life changing this could have been any girl but it was me especially since he is a round the world superstar. He walks me into our cozy flat and whispers "I have something to show you." he closes my eyes and walks me up the stairs and stops me he then say "Are you ready." still speaking in a soft tone pulling his hands off my eyes revealing this radiant room purple walls with lavender polka dots, a crib for our love, and a rocking chair. He had also bought bottles,binkies,wipes,toys, and diapers teeny tiny little diapers. "I LOVE IT!!!" I kiss him on the lips he started to get a little intamate "Not while the babys around" I tell him pecking him on the lips "Well then lets put her back to sleep" Angel eyes opened and Harry took her "I got this" he says to me kissing me on the head gently I watched him put her to sleep he sung a toon that was from the old X-factor days "Isn't she lovely" Angel fell asleep instantly as he laid her down in the crib covering her up and kissing her on the forehead "Goodnight Love" I hear him say. He then walks over to me and grabs me by the waist and says "And hello love" as he grabs my hips to thrust into me he picks me up and runs me through the hall me giggling "Shhhh you'll wake the baby" he slams me on the bed we start to slide each others tounges into our mouths he then starts rubbing my thieighs now teasing me. He starts to strip me down then pulls me up to his shoulders now putting his mouth where my crouch is then slams me bak down on the bed as his habds go up and down my body I say "H-Harry Edward S-Styles if you d-dont stop teasing m-me i'll get r-ruff" he then replys I could feel his voice vibrating through my body "Thats what I want" as he stops now putting on a rubber he gets in position to make my bed rock.

~Harry~ Now that im done teasing Em I get ready for the real deal I try to let her relax but she grabs me by the shoulders an turns me on the bed whispering "I want to stear" then licking down to where my waist ends she starts whirling around shes the rider im the car and as long as I go lamberghenni on her i'll keep her intrested. Now I feel myself becoming hard she can too as she starts to moan "ohhhhh Harry I want more get harder" as she syas that I feel myself about to burst out my cum she knows it's coming because of the face im making and i could tell hers was coming too "Ohhhhhhhh" we both moan the climax has hit once again and trust me Hazza did his dirty work but I want a round 2 to show her Haz still gots his skills. I turn her over and say "Round 2" I start at her waist line then lick up to her chest then start to lick circles around her breasts then I start getting closer to the nipples I get there and start to suck shes holding me there her hand intwined with my hair as she moans loud and clear I know im doing it right especially with that kind of moan she made. I move up to her neck and start to suck leaving a red teeth mark I then pull her in to kiss her but she wants more this time she pulls me in and whispers "Round 3"

~Embrianna~  I pull the rubber off of him bringing my head down to his crotch I have never did a full out blow job but it felt right so I trace he length of his penis with my finger he bites his lip then I go in for the deep throat I stick it all in his mouth then dropped open letting out slight moans he was getting hard I then move it in and out and work my way up to the tip now letting my tounge slightly lick it he says "Lick harder Em" so I get quicker and harder "ohhh" he lets out a loud moan I then start to lick around he shivers I then start jerking it for him not knowing what would happen SPLASH!!! I then feel a goo all over my face Harry isn't hard anymore now knowing what I just did im kind of turned on right this second I then lick from his penis to his neck kissing it then running to the shower. I toun around to reach for the shampoo i touch something long and sqishy I turn around to see Harry looking at me with his eyes wide open "Woah love you want more after those 3 rounds" I kiss him on the cheek getting out of the shower I hear Angel crying I hurry up and get dressed but Harry beat me to it im standing in the dorrway listening to him singing "Gotta be you" softly "Can we fall one more time stop the tape and rewind oh and if you walk away i'll know i'll fade cause there is nobody else its gotta be you its gotta be you" he lays her back down slowly he turns around to see me "Sorry love I just can't stand to hear or see my girls cry" he whispers to me he grabs me by the waist to embrace me with a kiss "I will be with you forever and always." he whispers to me "As will I."




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