play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


15. Birth

~Embrianna~  *8 months later* Im standing in my room staring at myself seeing that my stomack looks like I have two giant watermelons under my shirt "OU!" this ones a kicker the pains grow worse grasping my stomach. I feel my pants then bring my hand up to see its...wet my water broke no one is here to drive me I call Tamia "My...water just broke" I say to her with pain in my voice "Okay im just around the corner i'll be right over!"

I get up as Tamia yanks my arm to hurry up and get to the car...we finally get to the hospital the lads are there,my mom and dad, and the paps.  Harry and Louie are glaring at each other with aggresive eyes they both take my hand as we roll through the building.

The Doctors pick me up and lay me down on the bed, picking up my legs and hiking them up,then pulling down my underwear, then spreading my legs apart.  "Okay Ms.Rivera breath for us" "hee hee hoo hoo" I breath "Push" "ahhhhh ou ahhhh" tears streamming down my face as I felt pain "ahhhhh huhh ahhhhh" "She's crowning a few more pushes" "No No uhhhh ahhhh ou" "HARRY IT HURTS!" I say to him grasping my hand the whole way through as he whispers "You'll be fine your strong Em your strong" "One more push" I breath as I push one last time "AHHHHHH" "It's a girl" she opens her eyes they where a deep green just like Harry's I then felt relieved this is Harry's child but as soon as she came out he demanded a blood test they took Harry and Louie's blood as they stared at each other with competitive eyes. Now...we are just waiting for the results.

~Harry~  I could hear my well...Louie's I don't care I could hear MY BABY crying as they pressed the needle into her fresh skin "Shhh my angel daddy's here" I whisper to her kissing her gently on the head realizing you are my child as I look into her dazzling green eyes, her curly black locks with a tint of brown, and she had her mothers skin not to dark but not to light just right that is my child I could tell.


~Embrianna~ The Doctor walks in Harry and Louie still holding my hands "Well...lady and gentlemen...the father is...Harry Styles." Louie dropping my hand and storming out I wrap my arms around Harry's neck kissing him "So...we haven't made up a name for her yet?" he tells me "I have the perfect one...Angel Rose Styles!" "Perfect!" as I kiss him on the lips he wraps his arms around my hips embracing me sharing the love we had again.

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