play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


8. Bad news

~Embrianna~  I sat there watching Harry happy he was breathing but he seemed a little to still. The Doctor walked in "Well... Ms.Rivera in a coma" my eyes filled with tears I started to shake "is h-h-he ever going to wake up?" I ask terriffied of the answer "He might not ever wake up Ms.Rivera" "N-N-NO your lieing HE HAS TO I NEED HIM!!!" "Im sorry" "NO NO HARRY PLEASE!!!" I grab his hand in terror knowing he is never going to wake up I kiss it then put it down and walk away with the pain and guilt of my last conversation with him...arguing.  I have to do the deed as I pick up the phone to call 'The Lads' Louis picks up "What is it love?" H-Harry "Come on love what do you have to say?" are the blokes with you "YEAH" i hear them all say in unison H-Harry got hit by a car tears rolled down my cheeks "He's not dead is he?" they all say with shivers in their throats "N-no he's in a coma" "Oh my lord Em are you okay?" "No I need you guys to come over I miss him come to my flat so we can hang out" "Okay love we will all be there" "Thanks Lou" "No problem kitten we'll be there."

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