First Dance

16 Year old Nicole starts a new life in the US. She is scared that she will stand out from everyone, especially because of her accent. But what she doesn't realise is that one of guys in her new school prefers different. Will this guy be brave enough to admit his feelings or will he cover it up and act like the rest? Will he admit his feelings in time for the school dance?


2. Who is he?



Justin's POV:


I was in form with my mates this morning and we were up to our usual tricks; messing around and just having fun. But for some reason, I got the feeling today would be different. Like something different was going to happen. Something new. I ignored that feeling and carried on with the guys.


All of a sudden, I got this feeling like someone was starring at me. Like daggers in my back. But I just shrugged it off. It was probably just one of the girls giving me evils again. I get that all the time.


I was so busy laughing and joking, I didn't realise that she had walked in. When I saw her, the bell had just gone for lessons and she was making her way out of the door. I've never seen her before around school. She must be new! She was beautiful! Her long, brown, wavy hair fell perfectly, her deep, blue eyes sparkled, her skin so pale. I've never seen a girl like her in my life.


By the time I got out of the form room to go to lessons, I'd lost her. I asked some of the guys whether they'd seen her.


"Hey, Christian, have you seen the new girl?"


 "What new girl?"


She was in form like 2 minutes ago!"


 "I'm sorry bro I don't know who your talking about."


"Its fine. I will probably see her in one of my lessons!"


I knew I had to find this girl! Whoever she was, I needed to find her! Or at least find out who she is!



Nicole's POV:


Finally the bell went for lunch so I packed my books away and ran down the corridor to meet Charlene and her friends. I walked into the canteen looking around for Charlene when I heard my name.




It was Charlene! She was waving with a huge smile on her face so I made my way straight to the table. As soon as I reached the table, I noticed she had saved me a space next to her.


"Hey Nicole! Saved you a seat! How have your lessons been?"


"Alright I guess."


"Aww don't worry! Anyway, I'd like you to meet my friends Chloe, Shannon, Keighly, Danielle and Sam! Guys, this is Nicole!"


"Hey!!" They all said at the same time.




Charlene started conversation again. "So Nicole, have you seen any guys you like yet?"


"Well, there is one..."


"Who is he? What does he look like? Where did you see him?"


I wasn't sure how to answer these questions but I did the best I could.


"Well, I saw him in form this morning. He was tall, he has hazel eyes..."


"Are you talking about Justin?"


"I'm not sure... I've not had any lessons with him so I don't know his name..." Just at that moment, he walked into the canteen. I couldn't stop starring again. I noticed the girls following my eyes and they all chuckled.


"Is that him over there Nicole?" Charlene said while pointing her finger towards him.


"Yea that's him!!"


"That's Justin! He is known to be the hottest guy in school!"


"Oh right."


"He plays soccer for the school team and plays hockey as well! Every girl falls for him! I swear he's with a new girl every week though." I ignored that last comment. Surely that part can't be true! I definitely agreed with Charlene when she said he is the hottest guy in school! He was more than hot! He was perfect! I knew I had to talk to him! I just hope I have one lesson with him. Maybe this afternoon.


I followed him as he walked to the table where his mates were sat then looked away and carried on talking with Charlene and the girls.

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