First Dance

16 Year old Nicole starts a new life in the US. She is scared that she will stand out from everyone, especially because of her accent. But what she doesn't realise is that one of guys in her new school prefers different. Will this guy be brave enough to admit his feelings or will he cover it up and act like the rest? Will he admit his feelings in time for the school dance?


5. The Way Home

Nicole's POV:

I stood in the hustling corridor waiting for Sam at the end of the lesson. She took so long and by the time she came out of the class room, the school was almost empty. 

"What took you so long Sam?"

"Oh I was just talking to one of the guys about something that's all."

"Who were you talking to?"

"Oh just one of my guy friends."

"Okay! So where are we meeting the others?"

"Just out the front!"

Then we started making our way to the front doors.

"Oh Sam, I forgot to tell you something!"

"What's up Nicky?"

"Well, did you see me working with Justin?"

"Yea!!! How did it go then? What did he say to you?"

"Well I'm not too sure really... I didn't really talk much... He asked me where I'm from so I told him but other than that we didn't really talk about  much..."

"Aww don't worry, you will talk about more when you get to know each other!!"

"He did call me 'Babe'..."

"He calls every girl that... He's one of those guys who can't stop himself from flirting!"


"Start worrying when he calls you more sweet names... It usually means he is onto you and if you fall for it, he will only hurt you... He's just like all the other guys around here; a PRICK!"

"Thanks for the advice Sam!"


... Then we heard our names being shouted by Charlene.

We looked round to see all the girls sat in a pink open-top car and I looked round at Sam astonished by what I can see.

"Who's IS that car?!"

"Mine!" said Charlene.

"Nice! Love the colour!"

"Thanks! Jump in!!"

"Will there be enough room?"

"Yea!! Just hop in!!"

So I jumped in the back with Chloe, Shannon, Keighly and Danielle while Sam jumped in the front with Charlene.

"So, what were you two talking about??" asked Charlene

"Just about my last lesson... Was put in a place next to Justin... Then we had to work in pairs... We spoke a little but not that much..."

"Aw what did you two get to talk about then??”

“Erm… Well he spotted I'm not from America and asked where I was from and we spoke about that for a little then erm... I think the teacher came and he changed the subject back to what we should have been doing but we after that we never said anything else... It was only a small conversation..."

"Let me guess, you were really nervous and he was the one that did most of the talking?"


"Don't worry, with our help you will be so confident and you will out-talk everyone haha!"

All the other girls laughed and said "Yeah!!"

I had noticed we had gone way past my house and I wasn't sure where we were heading so I asked Charlene.

"Erm... Charlene, you've gone way past my house... Where are we going?"

"We're going to the mall for a bit, we always do this after school!"

"Oh okay, do you mind if I call my mum and let her know? She would be worried sick if I didn't!"

"Sure thing but don't be too long, we're almost there!"

So I grabbed my iPhone out of my bag and told my mum what was happening.

"Sure hun that's fine, just don't be too late home! You need to do your homework and have dinner!"

"Okay mum, I won't! Bye!"


When I looked up I realised the car had stopped and we were at the mall and everyone had started walking off.

"Hey wait up guys!!!"

"Hurry up then, can't miss out on the best part!" shouted Shannon

I hurried out of the car and ran to them wondering what on earth they were going on about.


Justin's POV:


Once the lesson finished, I stayed in the class room waiting for the other guys to join us. While I was waiting, I couldn't help but think about Nicole. 

I was so busy daydreaming about her, I didn't realise the guys had walked in. They were all stood round in a circle but I noticed someone else was with them. 

"Hey guys... And Sam..."

"Hey, we tried shouting you but you were busy daydreaming so we decided to leave you." replied Christian. 

"Sorry... Just got distracted..."

"We guessed that one..." Sam commented.

"Shut up Sam..."

"Anyway guys, that's what I need you to do! Got it?"

They all replied "Yeah!" while I just stood there wondering what was going on.

"Guys what's all this about?"

"Oh nothing don't worry, Sam just wants us to do something for her..." Chaz told me.

"You won't tell me will you?"

"NOPE!!" they all replied.

Just as they said that, Sam walked out of the room with a big smile on her face.

"Right let's get going then! Don't want to get locked inside THIS hell-hole!"

So we all walked out the class room getting ready to go to our usual place.


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