First Dance

16 Year old Nicole starts a new life in the US. She is scared that she will stand out from everyone, especially because of her accent. But what she doesn't realise is that one of guys in her new school prefers different. Will this guy be brave enough to admit his feelings or will he cover it up and act like the rest? Will he admit his feelings in time for the school dance?


3. The first lesson


Justin's POV:

I made my way to class straight after lunch. I wonder if the new girl will be in my class. 

Normally I don't act like this with girls... But there is something about her... Something special... I don't know what it is but she just seems different to the rest of the girls... 

I got to my seat and placed my books on the desk then stared at the door watching to see if she would walk in.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to see who it was and it was my friend Ryan.

"Hey Justin!"


" 'Sup bro?"

"I thought you were somebody else but it doesn't matter now anyway... So how was your holidays?"

"They were cool I guess... So who did you think I was?"

"Nobody, it doesn't matter."

"Was it a girl?"

"Seriously! It was nobody! It really doesn't matter!"

"I will take that as a yes then!"

"FINE! Yes it was a girl! I thought you were the new girl! I saw her in form today but haven't seen her since and I was hoping she was going to be in this lesson so I could talk to her..."

"Ohhh, you mean Nicole? I was in Maths with her before lunch! She seems really nice!"

"Cool. Did you speak to her?"

"Nope! I didn't get chance but she was talking to her friend. She makes friends really quickly!"

"Nice. So, did you hear anything she was saying?"

"She said she wanted to talk to Charlene about something but I didn't hear anything after that! I was too busy talking to Chaz..."

"Well that's just typical! Thanks for you help though!"

"Its alright bro!"

Just then the teacher came walking in so Ryan went to his seat. 

While the teacher was doing the register, I started daydreaming.

So her name is Nicole... That's a really nice name... I wonder what she wanted to talk to Charlene about though... It could be...


"Yes miss."

... about anything because she is new after all...

"Now class I would like you all to say Hello to our new student Nicole. She has moved over here from England. Some of you may have already had her in previous lessons."

As soon as I heard her name I looked up. She was stood at the front of the class room and looked really nervous. She was looking around the class room for an empty space.

We made eye contact for a minute then she looked away as if she was trying to hide something.

The only space free was next to me. 

She made her way towards her desk then placed her books down on it and sat down. 

I smiled at her to make her feel more relaxed and comfortable and she smiled back then looked away. 

Maybe I should try talking to her...


Nicole's POV:

As I made my way to my next class, I couldn't help but wonder whether Justin would be in my class...

I never felt this way about a guy before... I don't know what it is about him.... I never reacted like this with any of the guys in England... Why is there something so special about Justin?

I must have been walking really slow because everybody was rushing past me in the corridor. 

I reached the class room and looked around trying to see if I could spot him.

There he was sat at his desk talking to his friend

I recognised his friend. I think his name was Ryan... He was in my Maths class before lunch.

He looked so engrossed in his conversation... He looks so amazing...

Suddenly, I heard my name being shouted so I turned around to see who it was.

"Hey Nicky! You don't mind me calling you Nicky do you or do you prefer Nicole?"

"Hey Sam! And I don't mind being called Nicky, I quite like it to be honest!"

"Oh good! Why you just stood in the doorway?"

"I just saw something that's all..."

"Let me guess, you saw Justin right?"

"Considering we only met at lunch, you know me really well... Yea I saw Justin..."

"Well, you see! I can tell what people are like really quickly! So what is it you actually like about him?"

"I'm not sure really..."

Just then the teacher walked in.

"Nice chatting to you anyway Sam!"

"Same to you! We should carry on this conversation after school! We might live close so we can all walk home together!"

"Sure, why not! Wait for me outside here?"

"Okay will do! See you then!"

Then she made her way to her seat.

By now I knew the usual routine so I stood at the front of the class room while everyone made their way to their seats.

As the teacher did the register I looked around the class room. 

I started staring at Justin.

He looks like he is daydreaming... He looks so dreamy...


"Yes miss."

His voice sounded so dreamy when he said that... He really must have been daydreaming...

The teacher started making her way towards me so I looked away quickly.

"Now class I would like you all to say Hello to our new student Nicole. She has moved over here from England. Some of you may have already had her in previous lessons."

I looked around the class and smiled to everyone but then I looked at Justin and we made eye contact. I couldn't help but smile that little bit more when I saw him but I had to look away before I gave the game away.

As I looked around, I spotted that the only desk that was free was next to Justin.

I made my way towards the desk and as I got closer, I got butterflies in my stomach. 

I placed my books on the desk then sat down and faced him.

He gave me a really friendly smile as if he was trying to make me feel welcome. 

I didn't know how to respond to this so I just smiled back and looked towards the teacher.

As the teacher was talking, I started to daydream myself.

Should I make the first move and talk to him?

But I don't have the courage to...

What if he doesn't want to talk to me?

What if he only smiled at me because he felt sorry for me as I'm the 'New Girl'?

What if he does like me? What if he speaks to me first?

What should I say to him?

What if I make a fool of myself?

He looks so amazing close up... He seems really friendly as well...

I wonder what he is thinking about...

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