First Dance

16 Year old Nicole starts a new life in the US. She is scared that she will stand out from everyone, especially because of her accent. But what she doesn't realise is that one of guys in her new school prefers different. Will this guy be brave enough to admit his feelings or will he cover it up and act like the rest? Will he admit his feelings in time for the school dance?


1. First day


Nicole's POV:

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and my mum screaming at me to get up. 

"Nicole!!! You need to get up now or else you will be late for your first day in school!!! You don't want to have a bad reputation from the first day now do you???"

"I'm getting up mum!!"

"Good girl!!! Breakfast will be on the table in 10 minutes!!"

I sighed and got out of bed, walking straight to my mirror. 

I used to live in the UK and in my old school we had to wear a school uniform so being able to pick my own clothes and being able to wear what I wanted was something new to me. 

I opened my wardrobe door and picked the nicest outfit I could find: my blue denim skirt, my pink vest top and black Toms. I went for my shower, brushed my teeth, dried and brushed my hair and put on my makeup. Just as I was tidying my makeup away, my mum screamed from downstairs telling me to hurry up, so I chucked everything onto my dressing table and ran downstairs. 

As I ran down the stairs, I got the delicious scent of toast and Nutella. I got to the table and took a bite put of my toast when my mum asked me a question.

"Morning coley. You nervous for your first day at your new school?"

Once I'd finished eating, I replied:

"Sort of. I'm just scared of what people might think. What if they make fun of me because of my accent? What if they make fun of my hair or my clothes?"

"Everything will be fine don't worry! I'm sure they will be friendly!"

"I guess."

"Good girl! Now let's get going! We don't want you to be late!!"

I grabbed my last slice of toast and ran to the car grabbing my iPhone and bag on the way. I had that feeling like butterflies in your stomach. I must be nervous. 

My mum dropped me off just before the school gates. 

"Have a nice day at school! And don't forget to call me when the day is over!"

I leant over to my mum and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek then nervously opened the car door and headed for my new school. 

As I shut the car door and my mum drove off, I began to over-think. What will the boys think of me? What will the girls say about my clothes? What if nobody likes me? 

Before I knew it, I was heading towards the front door. 

I got into the school and walked to the office and asked politely for my timetable explaining that I am new here. The woman handed me my timetable and introduced me to a girl called Charlene. She seemed friendly as she was showing me around, always smiling and her eyes glittered in the sunlight. She seemed quite popular too, people saying hi to her as we passed. 

As we were walking, I could hear sniggering and whispering coming from behind. I looked at Charlene and she just smiled. 

"And finally, here is our form room." 

"Thank you Charlene!"

"You're welcome... Wait I never caught your name!"

"My name is Nicole."

"Well very nice to meet you Nicole! After lessons do you want to sit with me at lunch? I can introduce you to some of my friends!"

"Erm... Okay, sure!"

"Okay see you then!"

She wandered off to meet her friends in the class room. I just stood there helplessly looking around when someone caught my eye.

He was tall, around 5ft 6", had gorgeous hazel brown eyes, his hair styled perfectly into a quiff. I couldn't help but stare! His eyes sparkled in the light. He was surrounded by his friends and they were all laughing and messing around like typical guys would. 

Why couldn't I stop staring? I HAVE to ask Charlene at lunch who he is otherwise he will drive me INSANE!!!

My thoughts got interrupted by the bell for class and I made my way to my first lesson.

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