I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


7. Chapter7

Shannon's pov

i heard one of them say 'cool'.i was actually happy Liam brought me back to life most people would just leave me there until police took my and killed me forever but Liam took the stick out of me.i was snapped out of my thoughts when Liam waved his hands in front of my face "oh right"

zayns pov

liam told us about powers i said "cool" i looked at Shannon she was just looking at the building Liam went to her and started waving his hand close to her face i heard her say something but didnt hear it i didn't care.liam just stood there for like 5 mins.

Shannon's pov

i look at Liam's eyes and fell into a trance i felt in love i heard my heart beating faster i was really in love,wait wat Shannon snap out of it you just met him and besides he killed you...but he did revive me because he felt wrong about uhhhh i can't make up my mind!!!!

liams pov

i looked at her eyes they were beautiful i know I loved her thats probably why I regretted killing her i was leaning in to kiss her when I remembered the boys were there we headed to our tour bus our bus driver didnt even look at us nor Shannon it was like he was blind we sat down and the bus driver took us to our house.i never thought about being a vampire because i thought they were a myth.well now i have to live with being one because there's no cure.



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