I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


2. Chapter two

                Nialls pov

      I felt fire take over me. It hurt like hell but i somehow manged to put up with it. My eyes started to flutter open and i looked around. I saw harry with his neck snapped to the left of my and then in the middle of this alleyway i saw louis,liam and zayn there laying down with there neck snapped. I turned my attention to the girl lying on the floor with a stick sticking out of her chest. I started to crawl over to her but then i smelt it. It smelt so nice. I heard a scream and turned to my left where i saw a harry suddenly sit up. "Shh shhh hazza dont worry your okay" I reasurred  him. He nodded and then looked into my eyes. Oh my god his eyes were no longer emerald green there red. "Niall your eyes!" Harry said looking shocked. "Yours to mate" I replied. We both heard a gust of wind and found it was zayn running over to us. He hugged me and said "I thought you were dead nialler" i chuckled and said "You cant get rid of me that easily." Then the smell came again. We all poked are heads around the corrner to see some girls look at us. I put my head back round to the alley way to see that louis and liam were now awake. The girls suddenly walked past and i felt like someone took oveer me. I felt my fangs come out as i pushed her to the wall and drank her blood until she was dead. I looked at the boys and they stared at me shocked. I said "This is us now boys we hae to do this otherwise we die" Harry nodded his head and went over to the other girl. He drank and drank and drank from her until you could see all her bones sticking out. Harry turned and ran away "Quick boys i dont think he can control is thirst" They all nodded so we ran after harry.



So I finally decided to update :) sorry I just havnt had many ideas like in my other story :( oh well at least this ones updated :) thinking of having a co author for my other story 'The crash' comment if you'd want to :) 5 likes and 5 comments until I update again 


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