I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


3. Chapter three

Louis pov.

I followed the rest of the boys who were chasing after harry. I still didn't know how we were vampires but i didn't care i needed to help my hazza. Before you ask NO i'm not gay i have Eleanor,well that's if she wants a blood sucking demon like me to be in love with. Liam,Zayn,Niall and me were slowing down seeing as we cant see harry anymore.

"AHHHHH" We hear a female voice shriek through the air. Then it hit us. That smell. Mouthwatering blood. NO what am i saying i don't want to be a demon from hell. Wait i cant help it. Well if your not going to beat it might as well join it! I felt my eyes darken and my fangs lengthen. 

"Louis what the hell are you doing!?" Liam shouts dragging me away.

"Zayn,Niall go find harry i'll handle Louis" Liam instructs them. The way he said Louis with so much venom was unreal! I hissed in reply and tried to get out of Liams grip. Liam gave me the glare and i gave a equally stern glare as if to say 'Let me out of your grip now or i'll tear you apart limb from limb'. Suddenly i was pinned up against a wall and liam was hovering over me. 

"Louis control it,don't let the monster take over you-LOOK AT ME LOUIS DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KILL ALL THESE INNOCENT PEOPLE HUH!? NO. WELL THEN THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING AND CONTROL IT. I don't want to lose you" He whispered in such a low voice that i maybe wouldn't  of been able to hear it. I said maybe. I am a vampire now and have very good hearing! I closed my eyes and clutched my head as a picture of me sinking my teeth into some girls neck and drinking her dry. I kept on thinking about happy thoughts... Me and Eleanor meeting, having our first kiss, the first time we made love ;) When i met the boys, having the amazing experience of the xfactor tour and then having our own two tours and soon to be stadium tour! I opened my eyes when the flashbacks and horrific pictures ended. I felt my fangs shrink and hide away as my eyes slowly changed back to the normal blue. 

"Louis are you-are you ok now?" Liam asked slightly worried.

"Yup sorry about that, i er i had a kind of mental issue" I replied trying to act casual. As soon as i said that a very worried Zayn and Niall came rushing into the alley.

"COME QUICK THERES VAMPIRE SLAYERS AND HARRYS RUNNING STRAIGHT TOWARDS THEM!" Zayn shouted at us. I shared a worried glance at Liam before sprinting towards the smell of blood and sound of there heart thumping in there small pathetic human bodys. I Louis William Tomlinson and my band mates have ice in our vains, blood in our eyes and hate in our hearts... Yes we are vampires! And we are not going no where!! 

AN oohhhh yeaa i updatteeeddd YYIIPPPPPPIIIEEEE XD 


Oh my god that reminds me of a song i learnt in year 6 residential DAM I'VE NOW FORGOTEN IT DAM YOU GOLDFISH BRAIN!






lOvE cHaRlOtTeXxX 

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