I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


4. Chapter four

AN well shouldn't you feel honored i updated again today :D And im sitting outside and its coooollllldddddd        ANYWAYS back onto the story :)


Zayns pov

Why did harry have to run away like this?! It doesn't help that he is properly the fastest out of us... 

"Zayn do you smell that?" Niall asks. Then it hits me, like a ton of bricks. Slayers. Slayers heartbeat,slayers blood. If your wondering how i know this well its because i discovered my power. Knowing everyone's background to there life. 

"Slayers" i growled. Nialls eyes widened and darted back over to where liam was trying to help control louis. By the looks of things he has! Wow, liam must have some pretty good calming skills.. I suddenly realised why we came and shouted "COME QUICK THERES VAMPIRE SLAYERS AND HARRYS RUNNING STRAIGHT TOWARDS THEM!" Louis and Liam shared a worried glance before speeding into the dark night with us. 

We kept on running like this for about 10 minutes which in total was about 200 miles and we finally found harry. He was back to normal backing away from 10+ slayers with wooden stakes in there hands. I guess we ca only die with a wooden stake though our hearts then... 

"GO AWAY" Harry snarled at the slayers.

"No can do buddy we have a order to kill any newborns so that our world isnt at risk from you filthy useless creatures!" a big fat guy with a bald head said.(AN THAT KINDA RHYMED HEHE XD) 

Me and the boys shared a glance and nodded. We were ready... Better watch out slayers!


Harrys pov


 I just finshed sucking that poor girl dry. I didnt mean to  just had no control in what i was doing! I kept on running forwards until i came face to face with a brick wall.

"DAM IT" i yelled and kicked the wall. 

"Tut tut tut, such anger for such a young wise vampire shame you wont live for much longer hey?!" A random dude came out from behind the shadows. Followed by maybe 20 more! How the hell am i ment to fight these people! I suddenly felt a presence behind the random people, who were now holding wooden stakes. Not just 1 presence but 4. My band mates.

"GO AWAY" i snarled at the fat man with a bald head who was keeping me from seeing my band mates.

"No can do buddy we have a order to kill any newborns so that our world isn't at risk from you filthy useless creatures!" he replied. I saw the boys nod there head and then hell broke lose. I jumped onto the big fat bald man and tried to rip his head of or drink him until there was none of that Delicious blood left running around his body. Niall had two small petty little girls, Zayn had 2 big bulky dudes,Louis had 3 tall average people and liam had 1 girl who was HOT and a dude who seemed to be her boyfriend. Liam was the first to kill his preys and drink them until their heart stopped beating. It was scary, i never in a billion years thought that liam would be doing this! Niall and Zayn killed there's second and me louis was still fighting. I have to admit for a fat dude, his doing alright! Louis managed to somehow managed to snap all three of there necks, which just left me. I kept on trying to reach his head but every time i did he dodged. I tried sinking my fangs into his neck but he dodged that to! Soon Louis and Liam came and helped and we manged to kill him.

"That was a close call harry don't EVER run of and have a blood lust like that again!" Niall hissed at me pushing me against the wall.

"Sure sure don't get your panties in a twist niall i gave him my best smirk and he huffed and walked away. Well this has been a eventful first day...

AN remember toooo......





dO tHe HeLl YoU WaNt :)

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