I changed One direction

Shannon was just a normal teenager until she got turned into a vampire... What will happen when Shannon goes to a one direction concert and changes the boys into vampires... Will One direction be able to control there thirst,figure out there powers and Not get killed?!


5. Chapter 5

Liam's pov

i went back to the girls body i stared at the one i stabbed I kinda regretted stabbing her and besides she can help us be vampires.i took the stick out of her and then BAMMMM!!! her eyes shut open she stared at me and then said why did you take the stick out of me? I said because i kinda regretted stabbing you and I have never killed anyone and i was hoping you can help us be vampires right? She said i don't know I turn celebrities.i said we'll whats your name?she said shannon and your Liam right? I nodded my head i standes up and helped her up.the boys suddenly came in here and just stared at Shannon i looked at her.i said guys shes gonna help us be vampires please just give her a chance.zayn said i don't really trust her because shes the reason were vampires and when she turned us she didn't care who she ate.louis said hes right.they all nodded their heads.i said please just give her a chance.zayn said fine.then Louis rolled his eyes and said fine too then the rest did they all shook her hand zayn asked her her name she said Shannon.


hey guys I'm actually the co-author not the real author so anyways ill be writing some chapters and hazzas cupcake xx will write chapters as well so yeah bye

~~~~~hazzas cupcake xx&1DIRECTIONGIRL09~~~~~

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