Kaitlyn is hated and abused in her home but one thing keeps her alive, he love for One Direction. She makes a video online to One Direction telling them her story, even though she knows they will never see it. But one day, she gets an email from them saying that they have heard her story and want to meet her. But she doesnt know that she will soon fall in love with one of the boys...


30. The Flight

* Kaitlyn's P.O.V *

We got on the flight and sat in first class . We saw Ed Sheeran on the same flight. He said he was going to visit his cousin in Ennis . We talked a bit but people kept yelling at us for blocking the aisle. So we sat down and buckled in. Niall fell asleep instantly so I started watching a movie and fell asleep to it.


* Niall's P.O.V * 

I woke up and Kaitlyn was asleep on my arm. She was talking. I guess singing. It was Mirrors by Justin Timberlake, so I started lightly singing in her ear.

When I got to the part that says " You are, you are the love of my life . " she woke up. 

" Hey ! I meant those words . " I said.

" I love you too. " Kaitlyn said then she went back to sleep. Since it was only an hour and 30 minute flight she slept for about 45 mins, then we landed. 

" Kaitlyn. Wake up babe. " I said.

" Did we land ? " She asked.

" Yes. Let's go. We are holding people up." I said getting our carry-ons.

My parents , brother , and his fiance were waiting at the gate.

" Mum ! I missed you !" I said giving her a hug. She started crying.

I gave the rest of my family a hug.

" This is my girlfriend , Kaitlyn. " I said hugging her from the side.

" Hi ! So great to finally meet you all ! " She said. My family gave her a hug.

" I notice you have a different accent. Where are you from ? " My mum asked.

" I'm from Florida, in the .U.S ." She said.

" Wow , this must be a big change then. "  My mum said.

" Yes it is. But I like the change. " Kaitlyn said smiling. 

We got our bags and walked out of the airport. We were swarmed with fans and my family got freaked out. T

hey ran into the car and I signed some autographs with Kaitlyn. They all asked if she was my girlfriend and I replied yes with a smile.

Five minutes later I got in the car and drove off to Mullinger.


--- Author's Note ---

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER! I will try as hard as I can to post more and include everyone else more. Thanks for reading! xox<3


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