Kaitlyn is hated and abused in her home but one thing keeps her alive, he love for One Direction. She makes a video online to One Direction telling them her story, even though she knows they will never see it. But one day, she gets an email from them saying that they have heard her story and want to meet her. But she doesnt know that she will soon fall in love with one of the boys...


27. Miss Matchmaker

* Kaitlyn's P.O.V * 

I got out of bed as quiet as I could and walked down the stairs to make breakfast.

I got bacon , eggs , pancakes , and sausage cooking. As soon as I could smell it , Niall ran down screaming " FOOD ! " He woke everyone else up. So they came down , too.

" Guys I just started cooking, so it won't be ready for a while. " I said. They all sighed and got on the couch , except for Niall. He came up to me from behind, hugged me, and kissed my neck.

" Morning babe ." He said.

" Morning Niall. How did you sleep ? " I asked.

" Really good ! I had a dream about you. " He said smiling.

"Oh really ? What was it about." I asked.

" Well, me and you flew to Mullingar and you met my parents and then time magically went forward a few months and we got married. It was the most beautiful wedding. It was a beach wedding at Cocoa Beach. "

 "Sounds amazing. I love Cocoa Beach. " I exclaimed.

" We're going to Mullinger. " Niall said.

" What ?! Really ?! " I screamed.

" Yeah ! I am bringing you to my brother Greg's wedding. You can meet him and my parents. Only me and you are going." Niall said excitedly.

" I'm so excited ! When are we going ? " I asked.

" When we stop in Ireland during the tour. Which starts in a week. " Niall said.

" Great. Well the food is ready so lets eat ! " I said as everyone ran to the table. I put everything out and Niall grabbed more than half of everything.

" Niall ! Everyone needs some ! And remember , eat more than you so I need more. " I said.

" Oh burn. " Louis said.

After we ate, I met up with Dani' at the mall.

" Why did you want to hang out ? " Dani' asked.

" I'm going to be Miss Matchmaker today. " I said. We scanned the mall for guys.

" Right there. " She pointed. It was a tall guy with brown eyes and black swoopy hair. He was wearing a green polo and cargo shorts.

" Okay. Let's go talk to him. " I said pulling her toward him.

" What ? No ! " she said. 

" Dani' ! If you think a guy is cute , you have to talk to him ! " I screamed.

" Okay fine. " She agreed.

We walked over to him. He said his name was Nathan. 

" I'm Dani' !" Dani said.

" Hey ! You are very pretty." Nathan said.

"Thank you ! You aren't so bad yourself." Dani blushed.

They talked. And talked. And talked. I got bored so I texted Niall and asked him if he wanted to hang out with me at the mall. He said yes and came.

" Niall , this is Nathan. Nathan , this is Niall." I said.

" Oh I know who he is ! He is from One Direction. " Nathan said.

They hung out for a bit and then we all decided to go to a movie together. We saw Evil Dead.

Dani and Nathan looked like they hit it off. I would so ship them.

They exchanged numbers after the movie then we all went home.

" Thanks Kaitlyn! I would have never had the guts to talk to him. " Dani' said giving me a hug.

" No problem, babe. " I said back.

We got back and saw Harry and Lizzy half naked on the couch.

" Ew  ! Get a room !" I screamed covering my eyes.

They got freaked out and ran upstairs.

" I wonder where Zayn , Valerie , Liam , Kiera , Louis , and Eleanor are. It is getting really hard to keep up with everyone ! " I said.

We sat down on the couch and chilled out. It was a long day. I checked my twitter and I got nothing but hate. I just laughed. 

" What's so funny ? " Niall asked.

"All the people sending me hate think what they tweets actually hurts me. I don't care what they say. " I said chuckling.

" Good for you babe. Don't listen to them because I love you. Thats all that matters. " Niall said. 

I tweeted : Your hate doesn't hurt me or offend me. Don't waste your energy because I don't care what you think. " Don't hate me cause im beautiful. " - Keri Hilson


--- Author's Note ---

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have exams in a few weeks and I really need to study. I will try to make another chapter tomorrow. Thanks guys! I love y'all!

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