Kaitlyn is hated and abused in her home but one thing keeps her alive, he love for One Direction. She makes a video online to One Direction telling them her story, even though she knows they will never see it. But one day, she gets an email from them saying that they have heard her story and want to meet her. But she doesnt know that she will soon fall in love with one of the boys...


21. I don't have a name for this chapter.

*Liam's POV*

"Kiera! Over here!" I yelled over the music. She walked over and I grabbed her hand. "Wanna dance?" 

"Sure." she said blushing and smiling at the ground. Just by coincidence, What Makes You Beautiful played. I started singing to Kiera.

"You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. Don't need make up, to cover up. Being the way that you are is enough. Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you. Baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!" She flipped her hair. "But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you don't know-ow-ow, you don't know you're beautiful oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful!" 

"Oh my God, Liam, that was so sweet. Thank you so much." Kiera said grinning ear to ear.

We kept listening and dancing to the song until I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz started playing. I pulled Kiera toward me and she put her arms around me. She sang the song to me. She was amazing at singing. 

"Kiera. You are an amazing singer." I said to her.

"Thanks. If you want, I can show you some songs I wrote." She said shyly.

"Sure, but keep singing please. You are amazing, and I mean it." I said and I kissed her cheek. 

An hour went by and it was time to leave. I said bye to Kiera and Zayn asked Valerie if she wanted to come back with him. She said yes. 

I texted Niall:

L: Hey mate. We are on our way back. Zayn is bringing a girl.

N: Okay. See ya in a few.


-10 mins later-

"Niall, Kaitlyn, Harry, Lizzy! Were home!" Louis screamed at the top of his lungs. Eleanor laughed and hugged him.

"I have to go babe. I have a modeling shoot tomorrow. Night. I love you." Eleanor said.

"Night babe see you tomorrow." Louis said giving her a kiss.

"Hey!!!!" Niall screamed from the top of the stairs.

"Hey mate." Zayn said. "This is Valerie."

"Hi! Don't bother introducing yourself. I know who you are." Valerie said.

"Valerie! Remember me? Lizzy?" Lizzy said.

"Of course I do! We will catch up later. I think Kaitlyn is coming down" Valerie said looking up at the stairs.


*Kaitlyn's POV*


I ran down the stairs and stopped at the bottom.

"Valerie?" I said about to cry. "What do you think you are doing here?" 

"I met Zayn at the club and he asked me if I wanted to come back with him. So I said yes." Valerie explained.

"Babe? Are you okay?" Niall asked me.

"No! I am not! Valerie can not just run away and leave my life without telling me and then just pop back in unexpectedly!" I started bawling and fell on the floor.

Niall came up to me, picked me up and walked me to the couch.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to run away, Valerie? You had me worried sick for years! I thought you died!" I cried.

"I didn't want you telling Dad! He already beat me for getting a 94% on my math test. I was just sick of it so I ran away." She explained. 

"I wouldn't have told Dad. I would have come with you. Where did you go?" I asked still crying.

She explained to everyone and I couldn't stop crying. Niall was comforting me the whole time. 

"Guys, I think Kaitlyn has had enough. We are going to go to bed. Goodnight." Niall said holding my hand and walking me to his room. 


*Valerie's POV*

"Guys, I am really sorry. I didn't think she would react like that." I said sincerely.

"It's okay. I think we should get to bed." Harry said.

"Zayn, can you drive me home?" I asked while yawning.

"Why don't you just stay here for the night?" Zayn asked.

"Okay I guess." I said sitting on the couch, "but where am I going to sleep?" 

"You can sleep in my room. I will sleep down here." Zayn said. "You can borrow my clothes."

"Thank you." I said.

"Well, me and Lizzy are going to go up and get some rest. Night." Harry said walking up the stairs with Lizzy.


---Author's Note---

Just to let you know, Valerie is my sister in real life. And I am wondering if y'all want me to do polyvore outfits for each person in the place of me describing the outfits from now on. Comment yes or no and keep telling everyone to read, comment, like, and favorite this story. Thank you! xx -Kaitlyn

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