Kaitlyn is hated and abused in her home but one thing keeps her alive, he love for One Direction. She makes a video online to One Direction telling them her story, even though she knows they will never see it. But one day, she gets an email from them saying that they have heard her story and want to meet her. But she doesnt know that she will soon fall in love with one of the boys...


26. Date with Niall

* Kaitlyn's P.O.V *

We got into his car and drove down the street to this beautiful Italian restaurant.

" Niall , this is beautiful. " I said to him giving him a big hug.

" Almost as beautiful as you. " He said back giving me a kiss on the lips.

We walked inside and got a booth. As soon as we sat down, our waitress came and got out drink orders. She was trying to flirt with Niall but he didn't flirt back.

" Oh my God , she keeps trying to flirt with me. " He said looking at me.

" Just ignore it. " I said grabbing his hand. 

She came back and put our drinks on the table and started talking to Niall.

" So. Your name is Niall, right ? " the waitress said twirling her hair around her finger.

"Uhm yes." He mumbled.

" You're in the band One Direction ? " the waitress said scooting closer.

"Yeah." He said back scooting away from her. 

" Hey ! Could you just take our order already ? And stop flirting with my boyfriend ? " I said to her at almost yelling .

" Sure. What do you want , babe ? " She said looking at Niall , batting her eyelashes .

" Can I see your manager, please ? " Niall said.

" Ok ? " She said while walking away.

" Thank you , Niall. " I said. " I want to sit next to you. " I said. I got up from the booth , he slipped out , and I scooted in.  " Much better. " 

The manager came.

" Is there a problem ? " The manager said.

" Yes. Our waitress is flirting with me and being rude to my girlfriend. " Niall said.

" Okay. I will get a new waitress ." The manager said , walking away.

Our new waitress came and took our order.

" I will have the grilled chicken, the steak medium, and two sides of mashed potatos. " Niall said.

" I will have the spagetti, two sides of mozzerella sticks, and a garden salad. " I said. The waitress took our menus and walked away.

" Wow , you are hungry. " Niall said laughing.

" What ? I love italian ! " I said back.

" I have never met a girl who eats as much as I do. Or eats spagetti in a fancy restaurant and in a fancy dress. " He said grabbing my hand. " But I like it. "

" Good. Because I bet I can eat more than you can. " I said.

" Well , let's have an eating contest tomorrow at Nando's. Me against you. " Niall said puffing up his chest.

" You're on ! " I said shaking his hand. About twenty minutes later, our food came and we stuffed our faces.

I put a napkin above my dress because I didn't want it to get stained. We finished and got dessert.

" A New York cheesecake and a key lime pie for me. " Niall said.

" A apple pie, chocolate pie , and a cup of ice cream for me. " I said.

" Wow. You guys must be very hungry. " The waitress said.

" Yes we are. Thank you ! " Niall said. The waitress walked away and Niall just looked at me.

" What ? " I said.

" You topped me. " He said.

" What ? I don't understand. " I said.

" You ordered more food than me. " Niall said frowning.

" I guess I did. " I said smiling. " I'm suprised I'm not fat yet. " 

" Me too ! " Niall said. 

Our food came and we ate as fast as we could. I finished before him.

" Holy crap. The bill is going to be huge. " I said.

" Don't worry about it. Remember I am in One Direction. I get paid a lot. " He said putting his arm around me.

We left the resaurant and drove home. 

" Do you want to come running with me tomorrow morning Niall ? " I asked.

" Sure. "  He said. 

We walked inside and saw everyone watching Toy Story.

" Lemme guess. Liam picked the movie out. " I said.

Kiera screamed " Yep ! "

" How was the date ? " Lizzy asked.

"Amazing. I ate more than Niall. " I said victoriously.

Everyone gasped.

" What ?! " Harry screamed. " I didn't even know that was possible ! "

" Well it is ! " I said

We went upstairs and changed into pajamas and walked down to watch the movie.

Me and Niall were cuddling. Louis and Eleanor were cuddling ,  Harry and Lizzy were almost making out , Zayn and Valerie were cuddling , and Liam and Kiera were cuddling . I feel bad for Dani'. She is the only one that isn't with someone.

I will do my matchmaking later.

" Niall , I am getting tired. " I said drowsily.

" Okay. Let's go to bed. Goodnight everyone. " Niall said while walking up the stairs as I followed behind.

" Night. " Everyone else said.

We brushed our teeth and got into bed.

" The date was amazing Niall . " I said to him.

" I know. " Niall said. "I love you , Kaitlyn. "

" I love you, too Niall. " I said to him and we went straight to bed.

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