Kaitlyn is hated and abused in her home but one thing keeps her alive, he love for One Direction. She makes a video online to One Direction telling them her story, even though she knows they will never see it. But one day, she gets an email from them saying that they have heard her story and want to meet her. But she doesnt know that she will soon fall in love with one of the boys...


1. Abused

* Kaitlyn's P.O.V *

" Get down here now Kaitlyn or so help me I will kill you ! " 

My dad has been abusing me since he started drinking . He beats me for anything and everything. If he runs out of beer, he beats me. If one of his buddies leaves the bar without him, he comes home and beats me. I don't know why he beats me if I don't do anything, but he does.  After beatings, I go up to my room and cry, which happens almost everyday. 


If I don't go cry, I watch One Direction videos or listen to their music. I love them. I have loved them since I saw them on TV 3 years ago. I have been dying to go to a concert, but I am afraid of asking my dad because he might beat me.

The only way I could ever get them to notice me is to make a youtube video, but they will never be able to see it. I might as well try though. 

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