Then, Now, and Forever

It's how Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Caulder all began. The were sweethearts in high school and now they are meeting up again at their concert in London. Read to find out more if you really want to know what happens.


1. Prologue

Eleanor's P.O.V. Today was another usual day, until Dawn called. She said she had exciting news, but her news I's as boring as watching a sloth. "What's your 'big' news the Dawn?" I asked her. "Ok ok ok don't freak out, but we are going to a 1D concert!!!!!!!!" "You do remember that I have no care for one direction, right?" my ex boyfriend, Louis, is in that boy band. He was my everything, until he broke up with me. He just kinda left me in a dump saying get over it. He gave his singing career a shot and I was the one killed. Simple as that, so I dont care for one direction. "Earth to Eleanor. Are you still here, Eleanor?" Dawn was saying into the phone. I guess I zoned out for a while. Who knows. "Yes, I'm back. That's great! When's the concert?" "Tonight" "Really? You couldn't tell me that sooner?" "I wanted the surprise to last" "well, it sure did. What time?" "7" " it's 5:30!!!!" "I know, but you don't take that long under pressure" "ok. Ill meet you there at 6:30. Ok?" "ok, bye." "bye" great I had to be ready in an hour. Just great. Dawn really likes one direction and thinks I should get back together with Louis. I still have feelings for Louis, but he broke my heart, and I don't think he will even remember me. I guess we will have to find out tonight, won't we?
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