One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


20. Simone

You drive four hours, to go to a One Direction signing. When you arrive you're told it's over, but you can watch the boys leave. "Oh well," you think, "at least ill get to see the boys." You make your way to the front of the line and you see them leave. Niall comes out last and he catches your eye, and winks at you. He makes his way over to the car whispers something into the bodyguards ear, nods in you direction (yes one direction ;)) and the door slabs shut. The car drives off, you watch it until you can't see it anymore and slowly turn around. You feel something on your shoulder an you see Bon, the bodyguard stopping you. He says "Niall would like your number" your heart skips a beat and you give it to him. You start to drive home and stop off for ice-cream and drive another two hours and get home, your dads home, and you ask h if anything happened while you were gone. He says "No" but as you walk up the stairs he adds "but someone has been spamming your phone like mad." You walk up the stairs and open the first message. It reads:

Hey, it's Niall. You have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen.

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