One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


7. Natalia

"Natalia, can you go please serve the group of boys over there." Your boss Jonathon said to you waving you off. You shoved your Nandos apron on and tied up your brown hair and slowly made your way to the boys standing by the door.  

"Hello, is it a table for 4 then?" You ask counting the boys.

"Oh no, table for 5 please, the other one is just coming." A curly haired boy said. 

"Okay would you like to follow me then please." You say as you lead them to a booth. 

"Thanks love." One of them said with black hair styled into a quiff with a stripe of lighter brown through the middle of the quiff. You smiled at them warmly and walked over to the back to get 5 menus. 

"Oh, Natalia, be nice please, they'll tip you high." Jonathon said from the back. You narrowed your eyes at him before walking back to the boys table.

"Hello, my name's Natalia and i'll be your waitress fo-" Your eyes fall on the blue eyed boy with blonde hair. "F-For... umm.... for t-today." You stutter.

"Cat got your tongue love?" The blonde one said raising his eyebrows at you and smirking causing you to blush again. His Irish voice still ringing in your ears.

"No..sorry." You clear your throat and hand them the menus. "Can I get you any drinks to start off with?" You say tucking some fallen hair out of your eyes. You see out of the corner of your eyes the blonde Irish one looking at you contently.

"Yes please, boys what you having?" One of said with short brown hair. 

"I'll have a coke please."

"Me too."

"Fanta please."


"Can I get a beer please." You looked up and your eyes met the sparkling blue ones of the Irish boy. 

"Ummm, i'll have to see some identity please." You say sticking the notepad in the front of your apron.

"Don't you know who I am?" He says raising his eyebrows.

"No...should I?" You say thinking of the times you could have met him. Last weeks party at your mates party... ummm no. Where have you see-

"Here." The boy says handing you his drivers licence. Hmmm. Niall Horan. Okay well whatever.

"Alright I'll go get your drinks. Here's your licence back Niall." You say smiling at him. 

"Tanks Natalia." He says winking at you. You blush and walk away quickly. You look down at your hand and notice a slip of paper. You frown and look at it. You open it and notice what it was.

Call me ;) 07983 - 396 - 835

You smile and shake your head as you go to get their drinks.


Hopeee you liked it!


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