One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


19. Lily

You were sitting on the bench. You felt the wind hitting your wet face and your hair blowing in the wind. You look at the magazine and look at it again an see Niall, you, and the girl all over the magazine. You see tears hit the magazine making the ink smudge. You wipe your face and sigh. You wouldn't forget that terrible night….


You were so tired from work. You open the door and shouted “Niall i'm back” You laugh at the magazine from the counter and shouted again “Oh my god this is so funny. There is pictures of you with this girl. It's so photo shopped."  You took your shoes of and you hear whispering. You freeze and listen to what was the whispering. You ran upstairs and open the bedroom and see Niall rubbing his eyes. He smiled and you felt relief. You smile and kiss his cheek “Hi Niall did you take a nap and talk in your sleep?" Niall laughed but it wasn't his real laugh. You head to the bathroom and open the curtain and saw nothing.

“What you looking for Lily?” Niall shouts from across the room.

“Nothing..” You replied. You took your coat off and head to the closet. You open the closet and froze. You see the girl from the magazine. She was only wearing her bra and underwear. You look under the bed and saw her clothes and grabbed them and handed it to her. You didn't say a word.

“Lily lets talk about it.” Niall said you ignore him you put your coat back on. You walk out the door and walk away. You hear your name being shouted, but you continued walking.


Now you were holding the magazine saying “NIALL CHEATED ON LILY”. You crumbled the magazine and walked to Starbucks. You walk in and see Niall sitting down drinking coffee, his eyes were red and puffy. His hair was flat and it looked he wasn't eating. Niall looked up and froze. You froze too. You were about to walk out till Niall shouted “Lily can we please talk..”

“Why would I talk to a cheater like you…” You spat out. His eyes look hurt and he rubbed his head and he whispered

“Please…” You sigh and nodded. He took a breath “I'm so sorry Lily, I was out of it. I was thinking about you, and you were gone a lot and I felt lonely.” You rolled your eyes and he continued talking “I drank a lot and then I talked to the girl and my mind was out of it. Please give me a chance.” Your eyes soften and you felt your heart needing him. You nodded. 

“Just one more chance” Niall smiled and kiss you passionately. He smiled in the kiss and you two went home and he never cheated on you again.

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