One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


11. Layla

You just got into a huge fight with your boyfriend, Harry. You yell and scream at him and slam his door behind you. It's raining outside so you run to your car. You turn on your windshield wipers and head down the highway. It's pretty late so it's dark and difficult to see. You see headlights ahead, they start to swerve and when they get closer they swerve and when they get closer they get swerve again but this time into your car. You and the car lurch, hydroplane and then slide off the road. The car can't handle the hill and flips. You hear shouting and slamming doors. Everything is going fuzzy and then it all goes black. When you wake up, you feel warm, you look around and see the clean, pale hospital room. You look and see Harry sitting in a chair next to your bed with his head in his hands. You reach for him, he looks up and instant tears rush down his cheeks. He grabs your hand, "Layla, I thought... I thought... I lost you."

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