One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


3. Lauren

Walking over to the bar, you scanned the room looking for your friends who recently left you. You couldn't see them. You sigh as you turn back to the bar.

"Can I get a vodka and cranberry please." You say, slightly having to raise your voice over the loud music. 

"Make that two." A deep raspy voice said beside you. The bartender nodded and turned his back and started mixing the drinks. You turn your side to get a glimpse of the guy. His perfectly curled hair fell over his face hiding it. You cleared your throat to get his attention. He looked up at you and grinned, his dimples popping at each side of his cheeks. 

"I'm Harry." He said scanning your body. You decided on a tight short black dress, well rather your friends decided for you. You mentally cursed them as you self-consciously pulled the hem of your dress down. Harry smirked at you before handing over some notes to the bartender as the drinks arrived. 

"Thanks." You mumble. Harry raises his eyebrows at you, his green penetrating eyes glistening in the light.

"Right sorry, I'm Lauren." You say. You tuck a stray piece of brunette hair out of your face. Your no good in these situations and this extremely attractive guy in front of you wan't helping. 

"Nice to meet you Lauren." He murmured in your ear, causing you to blush. He smirks at you before getting up from the bar and standing in front of you.

"Dance with me?" He asks tilting his head to the side. You sigh and take a big swig of your drink completely downing it. "Atta girl." Harry said laughing. You swatted him as you got up from the bar and followed him onto the dance floor. 


I hoped you liked it, sorry not much happened in it!

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