One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


8. Kat

You slump down onto your couch and flip on the telly, replacing the silence of the flat with mindless chat from actors. You sigh and close your eyes. You open your eyes a bit and squint to look at the clock - 11:47pm - hmm. Maybe you should go to bed. Suddenly there's a knock at your door. You quickly get up and rush down the hallway. You swing open the front door and see your best friend Harry, leaning against the door frame grinning down at you. You gasp when you see his dark, swollen eye. His breathing was harsh and uneven. 

"Oh my god. What happened?" You ask as you help him walk to the couch. You carefully lay him down as you rush to grab a wet cloth. He hisses when you dab at his eye. 

"Harry, what happened?" You ask again, looking at him contently. He sighs,

"I was punched." 

"Wha- what how Harry? What did you do?" You say as you dab at his cut lip as well. Hmmm looks like he got more into a fight then a punch.

"Nothing Kat, stop worrying." You narrow your eyes at him.

"So, what really happened." You ask. He takes a deep breath,

"Well...I... You see...I like you. A lot Kat. And I always help you when your sick. I just- I wanted you to take care of me for once." You smile down at him.

"Haz, you didn't have to get into a fight for it. Really?" He nods. You lean in and kiss his forehead. "Okay, that's fine. Just promise me one thing."

"Anything." He says sitting up.

"Don't let someone do this again. Your eye is huge now. And black." 

He laughs, "Sorry about that." He looks at you and takes his your hand in his, "So, ummm Kat...will you be my errr... g-girlfriend?"

"Yes Harry. I will."

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