One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


2. Julie

"How do I look?" You say twirling around. Harry smirks at you as he leans on the door frame, his dimples popping. 

"Amazing." You smile and look to the ground blushing. He walks over to you and lifts your face up, tucking a stray piece of red hair behind your ear. "Julie, your beautiful, don't shy away from me." The butterflies in your stomach erupt and you begin to blush crazily. Harry smirks again before leaning in and kissing you, his soft warm lips pressing down onto you. You smile through the kiss and then grab his hand. 

"Come on then," You say as you tighten your grip on his giant hands, "We don't want to be late." Harry smiles down at you and pecks you on the lips,

"Alright then. I love you Julie." He says playing with your fingers as they entwine, 

"And I love you Harry."


Hi, hoped you liked it, sorry if it was bad, or short, ahhhh sorry!

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