One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


15. Johanna

You and Harry were waiting outside the studio.

Today you would do a morning show with Harry and Grimmy.

And you were really excited, this was the first time you and Harry would do something like that together.

‘’Johanna, Harry you’re on in 10 minutes, get ready’’ someone said and walked out the room again.

You looked at Harry, you were getting really nervous right now and he could see it.

‘’Babe, everything will be fine, Nick promised not to be so uh.. Nick!’’ he said and we both laughed a bit.

You really love Nick but he can be a bit too much sometimes and because this is your first time on the radio together with harry you don’t want to mess this up.

‘’Okay, Harry and Johanna come with me please’’ the same person said again.

Wow that was a quick 10 minutes you thought.

You came in another room and saw Nick smiling at the two of you.

‘’And there is the cutest couple on earth, Harry, Johanna nice to have you’’ Nick said in the microphone.

‘’Thank you ‘’ you both said at the same time.

‘’So how is going between you two?’’ nick asked.

‘’It’s going really good, Johanna is amazing and I love her more every day!’’ Harry said and you blushed. Did he really just said that on the radio?

‘’Oh the girl is blushing!’’ Nick said ‘’anyway Johanna how does it feel to be the girlfriend of the famous Harry Styles one of the most wanted boys in the world’’ Nick added.

‘’It’s feels amazing to be his girlfriend, Harry is the most perfect boyfriend, but he isn't Harry the famous singer for me, he is Harry the cute boy who is the cutest, sweetest, romantic boy in the world.’’ You said.

‘’Oh and now the boy is blushing to!’’ Nick said and you looked at Harry.

He looked at you and mouthed ‘’I love you’’ you smiled at him and mouthed it back.

The rest of the evening you and Harry were answering some questions from his fans.

They all wanted you and Harry to come back soon and do another show together because you two are always so cute.

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