One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


5. Hope

Pushing the trolley around the supermarket your eyes catch the vegetable section and you push the trolley over to it. You grab 4 bags of carrots and drop them into the trolley. 

"Looks like we have something in common." Someones voice said behind you. You spin around to see a boy holding 5 bags of carrots in his arms. His childlike grin was somewhat inviting and you smile at him. His blue eyes glistened as he smiled back at you. 

"Louis." He says sticking out a hand to shake but managed to drop a bag of carrots at the same time. You chuckle as you bend down to get the bag. You stand back up again,

"Hope." You say shaking his hand and handing him back the carrots. He grins at you and then says,

"Would you like to join me in the park for some carrots and tea?" He asks sheepishly.

"I would love to," you say giggling. He puts his arm out for you to link with and you both walk towards the exit completely forgetting about the carrots.


Sorry it was so random, but you did say you loved carrots!

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