One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


17. Hannah

You had just started an apprenticeship with Lou and today was your first. The boys were scheduled for their make-up done at four before they had an interview. You were sitting down on a couch just inside the door of where you were going to do the boys make-up. After a couple of minutes you heard a lot of noise and shouting so you guessed that they were here. You were excited because you have idolized theses boys since they were on x-factor. The door opened and first to come in is Harry, he doesn't notice you sitting there at first but after a couple of moments he sees you and his eyes stayed locked on yours while he continues into the room. Lou started laughing at the sudden reaction he had towards you, she thought to herself that he likes you already. You stand up to great him and then all the others enter. You all talk for a few moments when Lou says that you have to get started. Out of nowhere Harry shouts, “I call Hannah.” you laugh because all the other boys let out a moan. You cant believe that the biggest boy in the world are all trying to get you to do their make-up, you always imagined this day but never thought it would actually happen.

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