One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


16. Angel

Standing in the middle of the carnival that came to your city once a year, you looked around the mass of people around you. It was the Friday night opening of the carnival and it was extremely crowded, people were heard off in the distance screaming on rides and the smell of hot fries and cotton candy was in the air. You checked your phone quickly to see a message from Zayn,

“I’m where we agreed to meet babe, where are you? :) xx” 

You raised an eyebrow and looked around, no sign of him. You were just about to reply asking where exactly he was when you saw a guy wearing a leather jacket sitting on a park bench under some fairy lights, looking down at his phone. The sleeves of his jacket were pushed up just enough for you to see the “ZAP” Tattoo and identify that it was Zayn. Smiling to yourself, you walked over and took his hand, pulling him upwards. Zayn looked up and his dark brown eyes locked with yours, causing a smile to appear on his face. “Hey babe!” he smiled widely, reaching down to place a kiss on your lips.

“Well hey.” You smiled and the two of you held hands, lacing your fingers perfectly together. The two of you started to walk around the carnival, catching up about what you had both been up to since the tour started, you were so excited to have Zayn with you, every now and then you gave his hand a comforting squeeze, just to make sure he was still there. Zayn stopped in his tracks and turned to smirk at you, “ C'mon Angel, let’s do it.”

"Huh?” you asked, turning around to see the scary clown house ride behind you. “Oh god no. Nope. No. Not happening.” you responded, starting to walk away.

“Nice try babe, but we’re doing it. Don’t worry, i’ll look after you.” Zayn laughed and the two of you approached the line.

Once inside, you constantly screamed and Zayn had his strong arms around you ,jumping a few times himself. “This is messed up!” he yelled, jumping again. Peeking out from his jacket, you screamed again and buried your head into his chest. “You’re missing it Ang- Ah!” he screamed, hiding his face in your hair. The ride ended and Zayn couldn't have hopped off faster, pulling you behind him. “That wasn't such a good idea, we’re not sleeping tonight.” You laughed, directing Zayn over to a shooting game.

“Look, if I promise to win you a teddy bear can we not mention this to anyone?” He smirked, joining the line.

“Pretty sure you could buy every teddy bear here and still have money left over.” You responded, playfully nudging him.

“Yeah but that would take the romance away wouldn’t it?” He chuckled, kissing your forehead.

“I don’t need you to win me one, I have one right next to me.” You winked, laughing loudly when Zayn rolled his eyes. 

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