One Direction Imagines

Comment your name and one of the boys. They'll be quite short (pre-warning)


23. Amanda

“Niall, is this safe?” you ask your boyfriend as he’s tugging at the rope swing he’s just tied to the giant tree next to the lake. You two are staying at your parent’s lake house and Niall thought it might be fun to build his own rope swing. 

“Yeah, sure,” he says with a grin. He gives the rope one last pull before he grabs on and swings over the water. He jumps into the lake with a loud yell. When Niall resurfaces, he smiles at you. “That was perfect! Come on in, Amanda!”

“I don’t know.” You tentatively hold the rope swing. It does seem sturdy, and if it held Niall’s weight, it could hold yours. But what if Niall’s knot wasn’t tight enough and it came undone as you were swinging? What if you couldn’t jump off in time and you hit the tree?

“I promise it’ll be fine, princess.” You stand there for another moment, thinking it over.  ”Just do it!” He starts splashing the water and hollering again. You laugh at how silly he looks, but you realize that you’re just being silly yourself. You grab the rope, take a running start, and swing over the lake. You shut your eyes as you jump. 

When you hit the water, you feel arms surround you. Niall pulls you to the surface and places a long kiss on your lips. “See, that wasn’t so bad,” Niall says with his beautiful smile. 

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