Where are you?

"Its been forever since I've seen your face, where are you?" I whisper, on the verge of tears.

"Hang in there love, not much longer" Niall promised, the determination in his voice proving that what he said had meaning.

"Okay, where are you?"

A breathy sigh was let out on the other end of the call before a response was heard.

"I have to go Kirsty, I love you" That's the end of the call.


1. Where are you?

I lie in my warm bed, not wanting to ever come out of my sleepy slumber. My white iphone that rests on the table beside my bed pings, alerting me of a message. I mentally groan and will myself to roll over and check the message. 'Hi love, I've just landed. Meet you there. xx' Now, I'm awake. A huge Cheshire grin evident on my face. I literally roll out of bed and jump in the shower, making sure to scrub up nicely. After the shower I brush my hair and teeth and then grab a pair of black skinny jeans and a white top from my closet and grab my favourite pair of converse. Leaving my room, I snatch an apple to eat in the car and run out of my apartment and quickly get into my car, reversing out of the drive way with the apple in my mouth and my light brown hair still damp in loose waves down to my shoulders. ** After driving for half an hour, with only the radio as company, I've finally arrived at the place I was meeting my boyfriend of two years. I switch the ignition off and climb out the car, double checking that no one is around. You can never be too sure. This place, is my favourite place in the whole world. Provided I haven't really seen much of any other country other than the breathtakingly beautiful Ireland where I was born and raised. I push away some shrubs and step over a few branches that have fallen from the trees. My destination is so well hidden, there are only three people who know about this location. I will be forever grateful to my grandfather for showing it to me when I was younger. After a few minutes of hiking, I finally see the tree house up ahead. I run the short distance and speedily climb up the stairs with a smile on my face. Opening this wooden door is tricky since its so old but I've grown accustomed to opening it, piece of cake. I nudge it with my hip twice to open a bit of the bottom and then nudge it with my elbow once and after pushing it quite hard, it creeks open. Just like old times. I take a few steps inside and then I see him in the corner looking out the window with his back facing me, all I can see is his average height and his frame that has become more masculine since the last time I had seen him which was three months ago. His brown tips have started to show through his dyed blonde hair. The blonde haired, blue eyed, Irish teen heart throb turns around at the sound of the creaking door and his face lights up. He charges at me with his arms already open, a huge grin on his face. He grabs me and lifts me off the ground,spinning me around in a grip I thought impossible to be released from. I chuckle a bit and wrap my arms tightly around his neck in an embrace I never wanted to let go of. Finally we were back in each others arms. He puts me down but his grip remains around my small frame and he nuzzles his head into my neck, his breath tickling my skin. "I missed you" He whispers while kissing my neck sweetly. His whisper was barely audible but I was just able to hear what he said. I giggled at how his breath tickled me. "I missed you too Niall" I reply, my voice wavering. I unwrap my arms from my tight embrace around his neck, grab his face in my hands and kiss him. It was a soft and gentle kiss that showed how much I missed and loved him. He kisses me back with just as much emotion, his grip on my waist tightens as he brings me impossibly closer as I stroke his cheek lovingly. "I can't stay" Niall mumbles looking into my hazel eyes with sincerity. I drop my gaze and look at the floor. "I know" I whisper, taking my arms away from his cheeks and wrapping them around his waist tightly as I rest my head on his shoulder and shut my eyes tightly, taking a deep breath, trying to keep the tears at bay. Niall's phone pings and you can hear the audible groan he releases as he reaches into his pocket and takes the phone out, checking the message but not letting his grip on my waist go. "I have to go" He says hesitantly, his voice cracking. My heart drops upon hearing this. "So soon?" I ask, looking up at him with teary eyes. "You just got here" I continued. He nods with guilt in his eyes. "Don't cry, please? I'm so sorry Kirsty. I'm in town for a few more days, we'll make a plan" Niall replies kissing my forehead. "Its fine, go out and be a superstar. Don't break too many hearts" I say, plastering on a fake smile. I knew this is as hard for as it is for me so why make it harder for him? Its his job to be away, making fans happy. He laughed his adorable signature laugh that so many girls fell in love with, including me. "You're amazing, I love you" Niall's head lowered as his eyes closed and his lips puckered. He gave me one last kiss and then his grip on my waist was released and he left the tree house. "I love you too" I whispered when I saw him climbing over the branches as I had done moments before. I laughed as he tripped on a branch and stumbled forward. I let out a breathy sigh. We could only communicate through technology, and we only see each other once every few months if we were lucky. I smoothed down my white shirt that got crinkled in the death grip and started climbing down the tree house and slowly made my way back to my car noticing that Niall's car was gone as well. I turned on the ignition and started my long journey back to my house to get ready for work. Great. ** "5,6,7,8!" I pressed play on my ipod and watched as my class of eight year old's danced their little hearts out on my studio floor, doing the routine I had just taught them. This is my dream job. I'm a dance teacher and I have my own studio, its amazing! The song ended and I clapped for them as they caught their breath. "Well done girls, its coming on nicely! Ashley you just need to bend more and it will be perfect! You guys are definitely ready for the show" I smiled at them, feeling very proud of my girls. They all gave me their best toothy grins as they all exited the studio to their mom's who were all watching proudly. I walked to the dressing room to call in my last class of the day. "Come girls, let's rehearse!" I was friends with most of the older girls that I taught mainly because I was their age, eighteen. As they came out of the dressing room they all hugged me and got into position for the routine we were practising for the show two of my classes are doing tomorrow at a concert for the less fortunate. "Kay girls, remember the corrections from last week!" I shouted as I pressed play on my ipod and Ed Sheeran's 'give me love' started blaring through the speakers. This was by far my favourite contemporary piece I've ever created. "Point your toes Meg!" That was probably the only correction I could see because these girls were beautiful dancers and we spent a lot of time perfecting this dance. I was so happy with them. "Great girls, that was excellent!!" The next hour was spent going through the routine and showing each other moves we had learnt that week. Once my seniors had left I packed up my ipod, picked up my bag and keys and walked out to my car. I got in and decided to check my phone for messages before starting the car. 1 new message. 'Hey beautiful, mind if the boys and I come over tonight? Its the only way I can see you. Love you xx' I smiled at the thought that he was making an effort to see me, even if we couldn't be alone. 'Sure babe, that's perfect. What time? Love you too. xx' Today was quite a busy day. I put my phone in my bag, started the car and put the radio on. Misery by Maroon 5 came on and I smiled, I love this song. I started my car and drove back home to tidy up my place a bit for tonight. My phone pinged, I took it out of my bag and read the message. '7:30, see you soon. xx' I arrived at my small apartment and quickly got of the car. Its 7 o'clock now so I only had 30 minutes to clean up.
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