Forget me not

'I won't forget you, I promise Willow' Louis said as he sat up from the dry grassy field we were laying in and kissed me one last time.
Willow met Louis when he was on holiday in Essex, they were both 14 years old. They fell in teenage love but soon enough Louis went home to Doncaster. What will happen when Louis comes back, with his friends Niall and Harry.

{in this fanfic, Louis,Harry and Niall are not famous}


1. Prologue

The only sound I could hear was the distant chirping of birds and Louis' breathing. My hand brushed across the rough grass, my other hand clasped onto Louis' as we lay in the empty field. We were both silent, just watching the sky and relaxing in the peacefulness. It was late afternoon and the temperature had dropped slightly, a slight breeze blowing past every now and again. I sat up, resting on one hand but keeping hold of Louis'. I looked down at him and smiled as he tucked a piece of my brunette hair behind my ear. 'You've got grass in your hair by the way' He chuckled as he broke the silence as he gently picked it out. 'I don't want you to go' I whispered, sounding weaker that I expected. He sighed and sat up. He looked around the field before looking back at me. 'Neither do I Willow, i'm gonna miss you so much' He replied. I felt my throat go tight and my eyes threatened to water. A few tears unwillingly dropped down my face as I quickly wiped them away. 'Hey don't cry, cos' otherwise i'll cry' Louis tried to joke, as he shuffled closer to me and took both my hands before facing me. 'I won't forget you though, I promise' He whispered, before leaning in and giving me one last soft kiss.

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