Forget me not

'I won't forget you, I promise Willow' Louis said as he sat up from the dry grassy field we were laying in and kissed me one last time.
Willow met Louis when he was on holiday in Essex, they were both 14 years old. They fell in teenage love but soon enough Louis went home to Doncaster. What will happen when Louis comes back, with his friends Niall and Harry.

{in this fanfic, Louis,Harry and Niall are not famous}


2. Me

'Just think Willow, in 10 minutes we'll be out of this place and on the road to our summer holiday!' That was my best friend Eliza babbling away. We were both 16, in our last year of high school. At the moment we were in Biology and we had 10 minutes until the bell went and we were free to have our 6 weeks summer holiday. Eliza and I were pretty skint, so we just rented a large beach house on the sea for the 6 weeks instead of going abroad. Sometimes the weather was nice in England for the summer. 

Anyway, i'll tell you a bit about me. My name is Willow Harvey and i'm 16. I have light brown, chestnut coloured hair, my eyes are the same. I'd say my hair is pretty long and I have quite a nice tan from having distant Italian backgrounds. I'm quite shy if I don't know you but then to my friends i'm almost 'too loud'. As for boys...well nothing special since Louis. But I don't like talking about him. 

My best friend is Eliza Mayworth, she's also sixteen but the complete opposite of me. She has bleach blonde with really loose curls and her hair's just below her shoulders. She has piercing green eyes and pale white. She's strong and confident and not afraid of anything. 


Soon enough, the bell went. 'Ahh, come on let's go!' Eliza squealed as she pulled my hand and ran down the stairs and out the heavy double doors. 'We're free!' She joked. I laughed at her and adjusted my bag on my shoulder. 'Our summer holiday's here!' I smiled at her.

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