Forget me not

'I won't forget you, I promise Willow' Louis said as he sat up from the dry grassy field we were laying in and kissed me one last time.
Willow met Louis when he was on holiday in Essex, they were both 14 years old. They fell in teenage love but soon enough Louis went home to Doncaster. What will happen when Louis comes back, with his friends Niall and Harry.

{in this fanfic, Louis,Harry and Niall are not famous}


4. Louis

We kind of stared at each other for a second, taking it in. The other 2 boys were clearly confused. 'How-how have you been?' He tried to ask, kicking a little bit of sand around on the floor. 'Erm..yeah, okay I' I awkwardly answered him. 'Yeah yeah, i've been good' He replied. 'Erm, we'll meet you back at the house' The blonde boy spoke, he was irish which was a bit of a novelty. The curly haired one nodded and walked off with him. We were left alone in the dark, with just the moonlight giving us  sight. 'I missed you' He said, breaking the silence. My heart felt warm as he said it, giving me a little bit of hope that he actually did think about me. 'I missed you too' I replied. 'Hey, meet me for breakfast tomorrow? Come down to the little beach bar at 9?' He asked. I nodded foolishly forgetting he probably couldn't see me. 'Yeah okay' I said. 'Well, i'll see you was great seeing you again Willow' He whispered as he pulled me into an unexpected hug. I relaxed as he arms wrapped round me, and buried my head slightly into his shoulder before pulling away and slowly walking back to the house in a bit of a daze.

'Where were you? I was worried' Eliza said, throwing her arms up in the air. 'I met..Louis' I mumbled. She gasped. 'NO way!' She breathed. I nodded. 'With his 2 friends as well' I said. 'Were they hot?' She asked quickly. I laughed at her typical girliness. 'I guess so, I couldn't really see them' I said. 'I'm meeting Louis for breakfast tomorrow' I told her. 'Ooh, what do you think you'll talk about?' She asked. 'Everything?' I shrugged. We had a lot to catch up on.

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