Forget me not

'I won't forget you, I promise Willow' Louis said as he sat up from the dry grassy field we were laying in and kissed me one last time.
Willow met Louis when he was on holiday in Essex, they were both 14 years old. They fell in teenage love but soon enough Louis went home to Doncaster. What will happen when Louis comes back, with his friends Niall and Harry.

{in this fanfic, Louis,Harry and Niall are not famous}


3. Beginning of our summer

We literally ran out of school and into the car park where Eliza's car was there. We had put our suitcases in her car before school so we could go straight to the beach house. It was only about an hours drive so it didn't take long until we were there.

We got inside and looked around. There was 2 bedrooms, 2 en-suites, a living room which conjoined onto the kitchen and a main bathroom. It was really nice and light with big windows everywhere, and the best part was that it was literally on the beach.

'We are gonna have the best time!' Eliza squealed. 'I know!' I grinned as I hugged her. We unpacked our things and put on our bikinis to go for an evening swim in the sea. The sun was setting so it was a nice temperature and the beach was almost empty. 'Oh my god Willow, come out here!' Eliza cried from outside. I rushed outside, thinking the worst. 'What? What happened, what's wrong?!' I yelled back as I scrambled up and outside. 'We have a fucking hot tub!' She basically screamed. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I laughed. 'I thought something bad happened!' I said. 'But the hot tub's pretty cool' I admitted.


We went onto the beach and into the sea. As I said, it was basically empty other than a small group of people a bit further down the beach. By the time we had finished swimming, it was really cold. Eliza ran out the sea and didn't stop running as she went back to the house which was a bit further away seeing as we had drifted down the beach. I took my time slowly wading out, daydreaming as I looked at the orange sky. Apparently I was daydreaming a bit too much, as the next thing I knew I had tripped over someone's towel and landed flat on my face in the sand. 'Erm, are you okay?' I heard a boy's voice nervously laugh. Great, it must have been one of those boy's towels. I stood up, not daring to look at who it was and if I knew them. 'Shall we go then boys?' I stopped in my tracks when I heard that voice. That was a voice I knew very well. I slowly looked up to meet the eyes of the boy who just spoke, now speechless. 'Willow?' He whispered. 'Hi Louis' I mumbled.

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