Fire breaks the heart

My name's Jessica Samson. I'm 16. I have a 7 year old sister, a mom, and a dad. I have a border collie named Wolf. My best friend is Ellie Ander. I love to hunt even though it is illegal. I go to Jackson Veiw Highschool. My country is at war. There is barely any food. We are all starving. The food goes directly to the soldiers. I've been having a dream for 2 weeks now. Actually its more like a nightmare. i dont know what it means but i have a feeling I'm about to find out.


4. Chapter 4

 I heard the bus doors close behind me as I walked down the grass path. The bird songs echoed through the green summer trees. The sun warmed my skin as I walked towards my house. I stopped at an oak tree that towered high above the others. I grabbed the first branch and pulled my self up onto it. I sat down with my back against the trunk and my legs flat on the wide branch. I rubbed my hand against the rough bark. There was something about this tree that made it special. I just wasn't sure what it was. I was lucky to live in a forest like this instead of in the city where all the factories are. That's where Ellie lives. My family had just enough money when the war began to buy our house. As I sat, I watched a squirrel scurry by. It's tail was fluffed up and its ears were pricked for any signs of danger. I carefully climbed down the tree trying to make as little noise as possible. At the bottom of the tree, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a small pouch. I dumped the contents into my hand. The nuts and berries rolled around in my palm. I  got down on my knees and held out my hand towards the squirrel. It twitched its nose at me. I laid the food on the ground and walked behind a tree that was about 10 feet away. The squirrel hesitantly walked towards my offering. It vigorously nibbled at the berries and nuts. I smiled. Katy had found that squirrel when it was a baby. I must've fallen out of a tree or it was attacked by an animal. Whatever happened, it had a nasty looking cut on its leg. My sister had brought it home and nursed it back to health. Then she set it free. I see it in the forest as I'm walking home. It looks no different from any other squirrel except for the scar on its left hind leg. That's why I always pick berries from the bushes and buy nuts for it. When it finished its tiny meal, It dashed off. I continued walking. When I got home, Katy was doing the dishes and my mom was cooking.

"Did you see Nutter Butter?" Katy asked eagerly. That's the named the squirrel. My mom was against it at first but then it just sorta caught on.

"Ya" I told her "he seemed to really like the food.

Her face brightened up. I admired my little sister. She knew how to keep her head high even though she lived in a time like this. I knew she would do great things when she grew up. I smiled and walked down the hall towards my room. Wolf was asleep on my bed. She lifted her head and looked at me as I walked in. I put my backpack beside my bed and sat down next to Wolf. She put her head on my lap and I stroked her long fur. I reached into my bag and pulled out my history book. I hated homework but I had to do it. The government requires all students to pass all classes. There was a boy a few years ago that failed all his classes. His name was Joey Mckeller. One day in the middle of class, some government soldiers came in and said joey had to come with them. Of course Joey obeyed and went with them. No one has heard from him since. There were lots of rumors about what happened. Some say he was taken to the Capitol City to be executed. Others say he was brainwashed, reeducated, and turned into a slave. and a few people say he got kicked out of the country. I didn't know if any of those are true but I didn't really want to take the chance.



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