Fire breaks the heart

My name's Jessica Samson. I'm 16. I have a 7 year old sister, a mom, and a dad. I have a border collie named Wolf. My best friend is Ellie Ander. I love to hunt even though it is illegal. I go to Jackson Veiw Highschool. My country is at war. There is barely any food. We are all starving. The food goes directly to the soldiers. I've been having a dream for 2 weeks now. Actually its more like a nightmare. i dont know what it means but i have a feeling I'm about to find out.


3. Chapter 3

"Bye mom" I called as I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door. I ran down the side walk until I came to the bus stop. I could hear the bus in the distance but it took several minutes before it came into view. Ellie always said I had the best hearing. Once the doors opened I stepped inside. I walked down the hallway making sure not to fall when the bus driver drove away. I sat in the back corner where I usually sit. I sat there looking out the window when I felt something lightly hit me on the arm. I turned and and a small rolled up piece of paper fell on to the floor. I knew who threw it. The same girls who throw stuff at me everyday on the bus. The same ones who bully me everyday. Me and Ellie call them 'the cats' because they always sneak up on me like I'm prey when I least expect them. Their names are Rhonda Frank and Holly Whitner.  I glared at them and saw them snickering in their seats. I just ignored them like I usually do. I was relieved when I saw the bus come to a stop in front of the school. Since I was in the back I had to wait for everyone to get off before I could. When there were only a couple people left, I started walking towards the door. I only made it a couple steps off the bus when something tripped me. I fell down with a thud on the hard pavement.
"Whoops didn't see you there" I heard Holly sneer
Without even looking at them I stood up and continued to walk through the doors and into the school. I walked down the hallways until I came to my locker. I put in the combination and opened it up. I took my books out of my bag and put the rest of my stuff in my locker. Then I walked to my first period classroom. 
                                                                                                * * *
At lunch time, I got my lunch and sat down at my usual seat next to Ellie. Most of the kids in the lunch room got the school lunch. They made the lunches free after families started becoming poor. They couldn't afford to buy their own lunch. Everything became harder since the war started. I picked at the rotten vegetables and mashed potatoes on my plate with my fork. 
"Can we talk about yesterday?" Ellie said breaking into my thoughts
"What's there to talk about that you haven't already said?" I replied
She didn't say anything else as we ate our lunch. I just continued to pick at my food. I separated the good food from the bad and ate the food that wasn't rotten. I sighed. When would this ever end?

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