Fire breaks the heart

My name's Jessica Samson. I'm 16. I have a 7 year old sister, a mom, and a dad. I have a border collie named Wolf. My best friend is Ellie Ander. I love to hunt even though it is illegal. I go to Jackson Veiw Highschool. My country is at war. There is barely any food. We are all starving. The food goes directly to the soldiers. I've been having a dream for 2 weeks now. Actually its more like a nightmare. i dont know what it means but i have a feeling I'm about to find out.


1. Chapter 1


The warm air swirled around me. The sparks of the fire burned my arms. I stared in horror as the flame grew and grew until  I was standing in front of a giant wave of fire. Something raced pass me, then 2 more. I turned my head to see my little sister and my parents running from the large flames in fear. Without looking back at the fire, I turned and ran after them. As I ran, I felt the sparks burning my flesh. I ignored the pain and kept running as I caught up with my parents
"What are we supposed to do?" I panted
My dad opened his mouth to reply but before he could, the fire grabbed at his shirt. I watched in horror as he caught fire and started burning. He screamed as the entire wall of flames consumed him. I turned to my mom. She looked back at me. I could tell she was scared. 
"Mom we have to hurry" I yelled speeding up
She did the same. We started running after my sister. My muscles told me I should stop but my brain told me that if i did, it would end horribly. My mom looked exhausted as well. She started to slow down. 
"Hurry mom!" I yelled at her
But it was to late she tripped and fell to the ground. The blazing wall took advantage of this and swallowed her whole and kept speeding toward me faster and faster. I turned and ran as fast as I could. After a while, I stopped and looked around. Where was my sister? I thought for sure she was taken by the flames until I heard crying coming from behind a large boulder I hadn't seen. I ran up to it and looked behind the smooth rock to see her huddled and crying. I grabbed her hand and yanked her up. 
"We have to go" I told her
"But mommy and daddy they they-" she broke off and started crying again. 
I felt bad for her. At age 7, she shouldn't have to watch her parents be burned alive. I looked towards the direction of the flames and saw it was getting closer. 
"It'll be okay" I told her "but right now we have to go"
I took her hand and started running. She was slower than the little girl I saw a few minutes ago. She was running like a cheetah but now she was sluggish and dragging her feet as I hauled her along.  There were bruises on her legs and arms that were fresh and purple. She stumbled along as we ran until her legs finally betrayed her and she fell to the ground with a loud thud. 
"Hurry!" I called as I tried to bring back up to her feet. 
I didn't have the strength and neither did she
"I can't!" She wailed "I can't get up!"
"Of course you can!" I encouraged but she wasn't convinced
"But my legs hurt when I try to stand!" She complained
"You just have to ignore the pain."
"But I-" she was cut short as the flames started forming around her
"NO!" I screamed 
Her agonizing screams filled me with terror. Tears streamed down my face as the screams went silent. I just lost my whole family. Everything I ever loved. My dad...and now my sister...all taken by that fire. I tried to turn and run but the sinister wall had circled around me. The circle was getting tighter and tighter around me. I felt its blazing heat on my arms. I screamed in pain. I closed my eyes. It was as if the fire wanted me to suffer. The fire wanted to kill my family one by one. The fire wants me to suffer the pain of death. Suddenly the pain disappeared and I felt like I was falling. I landed with a thud on something hard. I opened my eyes and saw hard wood floor beneath me. I sat up and looked around. I realized in relief that I was in my bedroom. I must have fallen out of my bed. The screams of my family still echoed in my mind. 
-luckily it was just a dream- I thought to myself

 My Border Collie,Wolf, ran up to me and started smothering me with licks on the face. I smiled and laughed. I held her back so i could get up. I walked over to my bed and sat down. Wolf walked over and jumped up next to me. She looked at me with those big sad eyes. She knew I had the nightmare again. I ran my fingers through her long, fur.  I had been having the same nightmare for 2 weeks now. I haven't told anyone about them. Not even my best friend Ellie. They would all think I need a doctor or to be sent to a mental hospital. I know that it is not natural to have the SAME dream over and over for that long. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00. I smiled. My family likes to sleep in and I always take the opportunity. I quickly walked over to the chest at the end of my bed and unlocked it with the key necklace around my neck. I grabbed the object which was carefully wrapped in cloth and laid  it down on my bed. I took off the covering and smiled down at the object. What lay on my bed was the most precious thing I owned, besides Wolf. What lay in my bed was my bow and arrows.

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