To The One I Love...

Rose and Jodie are two average 15 year old girls, but when two new boys arrive at their school, will they find love? Or are they just too different?


2. Two Different Types of People

Rose was staring into the mirror. This was very rare. Rose usually just got up, brushed her hair and teeth, got dressed and left for school. She got out the mascara from the make-up draw that she barely used and began to apply it. She hardly ever wore make-up to school. She hardly ever wore it at all!

It was Jay. Knowing that he was going to be at school and not making an effort is like knowing that you’ll win the lottery but not actually buying the ticket. You’re presented with an opportunity, you take it. End of story.

The bus was late again. It seemed like the universe was intent on making sure that Rose didn’t get a chance to speak to Jay. A week had passed since she first met him and she was desperate to impress him. The boy that Jodie had met that day was called Vincent. Similar to Rose, Jodie was doing anything to get this boys attention.

Rose paid the bus driver and sat at her usual seat at the back. It was just where she liked to sit, and that was that. Settling for another seat was like-

She had to think. What would it be like to sit in a different seat? She didn’t want to know. Rose was a creature of habit; she did the same things every day without fail. And, as per usual, she turned on her iPod and shut the world out.

A few stops later, he came on. Jay paid the driver and sat at the back of the bus. Rose turned her iPod off and stuffed it into her bag. For the whole journey, she tried to do things to catch his attention. But, just like her locker, all her efforts were in vain. She needed a different approach.

Jodie was thinking the exact same thing.

“You know what I’m thinking, Rose?”


“A new look.”

Rose pondered that thought for a moment. A new look… It could work. Maybe, if she wanted Jay’s attention, the best way to do that would be to get him to want her attention. By changing her look.

“It can’t fail,” Jodie added when Rose didn’t reply, “It might not entirely succeed, but it can’t fail.”

“Okay, but maybe we should wait until the prom.”

“But that’s weeks away!” Jodie protested.

“You can do what you want,” Rose said, “but I need time to sort this out.”

“Fine,” She sighed, “You see me tomorrow, and I’ll inspire you!”

Rose laughed at her friend’s high hopes; she doubted it would be that easy.


The next day, Jodie was almost unrecognizable. She wore a black strappy top, black ripped jeans, Converse and one black fishnet glove without fingers. Her hair was dyed a deep blue and she had red lipstick on.

“You’re missing out, girl,” Jodie sighed as they walked home from school, “Vincent already has my number.”

Rose was shocked. It was amazing what a change in style could do.

Surely people should love you for the person inside, not the style of clothes you wear? It was ridiculous. Tomorrow she was going to talk to him.


“People like you and people like me don’t mix.”

“We’re two completely different types of people.”

“I’m sorry; it just won’t work out how you want it to.”

His words stung her deep in her heart. When she was alone in her room she called Jodie.

“I’m ready.”

Jodie snipped at her friend’s hair as she complained about how rude Jay had been to her.

“I honestly don’t know what he’s thinking, Rose,”

“Jojo calm down, it was nothing.”


“Wow,” That was all Rose could say to her reflection.

Her hair had more of an emo twist to it now, with a big side fringe and everything. Jodie had also dip-dyed the ends purple. If Jay was still going to say that they were too different she might just slap him. But, you know, she’d rather not. It was good bye girlie girl, hello punk.

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