To The One I Love...

Rose and Jodie are two average 15 year old girls, but when two new boys arrive at their school, will they find love? Or are they just too different?


1. An Awkward Encounter

Rose and Jodie sat on Rose's bed. Rose was 15 and had long black hair and emerald green eyes. Jodie was already 16. Jodie was her best friend and they told each other everything.

"Urgh, I can't believe school starts tomorrow." Jodie sighed, running her fingers through her multi-colored hair. The two friends were so different.

"I know," Rose looked out the window, wishing for the summer to last forever so she would never have to go back to school.


Rose fiddled with her locker. Her locker had always been strange. Whenever she tried to open it, it would require all of her effort, but if someone else came to help it would open with the slightest touch. The bell rang and everyone left the locker room to go to registration. She panicked and banged the locker door in frustration. After her pathetic attempts to open the thing, Rose looked around to see if anyone was still around to help her. The entire room was deserted, except for a boy slowly walking away.

"Excuse me?" She called as she took a few steps toward the boy, "Could you help me with my locker? It hates me."

The boy turned around and Rose's breath caught in her throat.

The first thing she noticed was his eyes. Well. Eye. One of his eyes was obscured by his side fringe. His black hair had a few red stripes dyed into it and his bright blue eyes pierced through his dark eyelashes. His lip piercing shined against his pale skin and she couldn't help but realize how close their skin tones were.

"Ummm... Sure, I guess." He said.

He grabbed the handle to the boring blue locker and gave it a tug. It showed no resistance and opened with a slight squeak. He raised an eyebrow at her and she laughed nervously.

"Thanks," She said after she had regained composure, “I’m Rose.”

“Jay.” He said.


“You’re late again Rose.” Miss Williams sighed as Rose ran into the classroom.

“Sorry Miss.” Rose apologized as she slid into her chair.

She glanced over at Jodie who subtly motioned at the boy in front of her. He had black hair with bright blue ends and big brown eyes. Typical Jodie had fallen for the cute new guy. She almost always did this, but nothing ever came of it. The funny thing was that she dyed her hair just to tell Rose if she had gotten over someone or had fallen for someone else.

Rose was usually the exact opposite. She knew that love would never last so just stayed away from boys in general.

Not even a minute had passed until Jay walked in.

“Ah,” The teacher said, checking her register, “You must be Jay.”

“Yeah, sorry I’m late,” he said, locking eyes with her, “I was helping Rose open her locker.”

She looked down as she felt herself blush.

Jodie stared at her, confused. Rose scribbled down everything that had just happened and passed it to her. She wriggled her eyebrows and Rose had to swat her in case Jay saw. Why did she like this guy so much? She barely knew him. All she had to go on was one awkward encounter...


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