Bloody love

What happens when 5 girls are at a party and also the other 5 blood thirsty handsome guys ,will the girls change into vampires ,or stay human ?


1. Party

                                                                                        Renee's  Pov

  Sweat dripped down my forehead ,heat was the only temperature on the dance floor "wheres Ale, Jackie, and Alex ?! " 

 Ivy-"Ale ,& Jackie are outside getting some fresh air ,& i don't know where Alex !! " we had to scream over the loud music " ugh that girl always getting in trouble at party's ,here ill go find her!!! " Ivy nodded 

i was getting pretty drunk so when i was going upstairs ,i tripped on a step ,i giggled 

Zayn -" oh here let me help you !" he helped me up & i almost fell again but he caught me 

Zayn -" Woah ! too much drinking for someone haha "  , " haha sorry its just im trying to look for a friend !" 

Zayn - " oh you want me to help you, find her ?!"  "Yah thanks !" we looked in a couple of rooms & she wasn't in any of those ,there was just one last room ,Finally! 

i opened the door and saw her auburn hair ,she was making out with this guy whose hair was in a quiff ,he was making kisses trail down to her neck he opened his mouth but when i stepped in, he heard my stomp and quickly looked up ..I SWEAR HIS EYES WERE ....RED!!!! but really quickly they changed to a beautiful blue ,i must be really drunk ! 

 "uhh Alex  we have to go !" she made her way towards me 

Louis - " WAIT !! ,here's my number " he got a pen and wrote in a piece of paper and gave it to her she put it in her pocket ,Alex smiled and continued to come to me ,i smiled and waved goodbye to the boy who came with me 

Zayn -" bye uhh ...? "  "Renee names Renee "i smiled 

Zayn -" oh well bye Renee ,im zayn by the way " he smiled ,"Bye Zayn ! " 

Alex -" Hehe bye Louis ,Bye Zayn ! "

Zayn & Louis - "Byeee !! " me and Alex were making our way downstairs ,i looked around for Ivy ,then i caught a pair of RED EYES ! looking at me ,This couldnt be TRUE!! ,i blinked and they were back to a blue ,it was Daniel ,he was smirking at us and watched our every step ,i just shook all this fantasy off my mind 

Me & the girls took a cab back home ,in the house me & the girls kept laughing at stupid things & saying stupid stuff ,Alex kept vomiting ,as usually after every party 

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