The Swap

Star is a normal girl with a normal life and a normal boyfriend. That is until she disapears for three weeks! When she finally arrives back after her long break she is different, she has seen things and has a new found interest in mysterious Justin...


2. Stars arrival

Just like every other morning for the past three weeks Damon punched out a concerned text to his absent girlfriend. He had knocked on her door virtually every day only for there to be no answer. He was worried about her, it was not like Star to miss so much at school and then not answer any of his calls and texts. There was something very wrong!

He slipped his phone into his pocket and slammed his locker shut, only to see a glimmer of fair blond hair, could it be? No... this was deffinately Star although she could have easily been mistaken for somebody else.

Phsically she looked like Star: Same light blond hair, same pale skin, same contrasting rose pink lips...

It was the eyes, her eyes which had once been a deep chocolate brown were now an unnatural shade of bright green. They were peircing, unavoidable.

He tried to meet her gaze but her eyes brushed past him. He ran to her and wrapped his strong arms around her protectively but she pushed him away.

"Star, Star, where have you been? I've been trying to get ahold of you for three weeks!"

"I was... pre-occupied." Her voice was distant, it sounded like someone else was saying it for her.

She looked past Damon and her eyes set on Justin. Taking in his messy sandy coloured hair, the dark blue eyes that looked as deep as the ocean.

Star pushed past Damon, feeling a force pulling her towards Justin. She felt guilty leaving Damon but there was something important drawing her to Justin. He turned down the corridor not having seen her. she walked after him speedily.

"Star wait, what are you doing?" Damon yelled after her catching her arm and turning her towards him.

"Get off me!" Star screamed at him angrily. Tears stung her eyes as she saw the hurt in her boyfriends face.

"Just leave me alone and stay away from me. I don't think we should see each other anymore."

No, no, no! A voice screams in her head, it was if her brain was no longer in control of her body.

He dropped her arm, pain buried in his dark eyes.

He just stood there for a long while oblivious to everything.

Star, unaware of what her feet were doing, turned and continued  her persuit.

Memories came flooding back, of why she needed Justin, what her punishment would be if she didn't hand him over.

She felt so scared, she knew that to protect everybody that she loved she had to take Justin to the "other beings". It was him that they wanted really, not her, not her family.

She followed him around the canteenand into a place that she had never been before. He sits down under the tree's alone. He didn't really have any friends, this made him an easier target!

He rummaged around in his battered old rucksack taking out a packet of crisps and a brown, leather book and dropped it beside him.

"Take it!" A voice in her head said menacingly.

She tried to resist but her feet tip toed towards him. Her hand reached for the book but he whipped aroung andshe drew it back, shocked!

As he saw her his eyes softened and he relaxed.

"Oh hi Star. I mean, Star, is that your name?" He said, trying to pretend that he hadn't had an ongoing crush on her for years!

"Yeah it is, your jjustin?"

"I am..."

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

"No, not at all."


She sat down next to him and looked at him. Why did they want him so badly?

He looked at her taking in everything!

"Did you get contacts?" He blurted out before he could stop himself.

She looked confused for a moment but then realising what he was saying answered;

"Oh yes, it's so I don't have to wear glasses!"

"But you didn't wear glasses before, at least I didn't think you did!"

She avoided his eyes and changed the subject.

"Did you want to go out this weekend?" She asked.

"oh, yeah deffinately that would be cool."

This earnt him a beautiful smile.

"Good I'll see you at the beach house, at one one on Saturday?"

She said, referring to the almost always desserted beach cafe. She passed him a slip of paper with her number on it and disapeared into the winding hallways. Leaving Justin in shock staring at the numbers on the slip of paper.

There was something not quite right about the out of the blue conversation but he wasn't about to start complaining.

A pair of dark eyes watched the boy under the trees... Damon.

Star had never shown any interest in this loner before, what had changed?

Something was deffinately going on and he was going to find out what...

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