Ever after !

Hi my name is jade it started of one normal day until something unexpecting happened.


2. First day !

I got woken up at 7 from jazz  calling me I answered she said she would be here in an hour plenty of time to take a shower and get dressed  as I stepped out the shower I quickly ran to my wardrobe and chucked on a nice. Dress as it the first day of school


jazz was beeping her horn from outside to give me the signal we were both starting our last year in secondary school so let's hope it's fun I said to jazz she just smiled and laughed 

we arrived at school FINALLY and we met up with  Emily is three girls are apsalutlly mental to be honest  the bell rung and we ran to our classes I realised I had a new guy in my class he  looked hot so I tried to get the nearest seat possible to him witch was thank fully next to him he looked at me and smiled I smiled back to be nice I turned around and mouthed wow to jazz she just laughed and she was sat with another hot student with black hair and  a good sense of fashion but the guy next to me was weraind a checkmate top with skinny jeans  we got put on partners but obviously I got to work with jazz we diddly so much Part from talk about the two boys but we found out their names were zayn and Liam they were looking at Us proberlly thinking we were crazy like most guys do ... 

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