A Little Piece Of Heaven

Why must feelings complicate things?
The love, lust, everything.

I'm not a bad person for being in love with my boyfriends friend.

All I wanted was just a little piece of heaven. Is that so bad?

But what came out was much different then what I expected.


1. Little Things


"Welcome back, Melanie." Niall greets me as I step into the flat. "How was your day?" he asks.

"Exhausting" I answer shortly. Niall looks at me with sympathy in his eyes, "Go have a rest," he says.

"Woooaaa... Our little designer is back!" Louis says, trying to make a joke like usual. "Let's play a game!" he continues.

I just sigh. Doesn't he know that i'm tired as hell?

"Stop it Louis! Melanie is tired." Niall says. Thank god for Niall!

"Oh sorry then" Louis replies and laughs. "Harry's in his room." he points at my boyfriend's room upstairs.

"Thanks" I smile at Niall. He always more mature than everyone else for me. He smiles back and I can't help but feel a nagging feeling in my stomach. I must be hungry. I bite my lower lip and quickly walk upstairs and enter his room we share.

"Hey babe," I say and shut the door behind me.

"Hey, beautiful. How was your day?" he asks while laying on the bed.

"Great, they love my new design. But its just so tiring!" I reply and lay beside my two years younger sweetheart. He doesn't reply. Instead he puts his arms around me and pulls me closer. Our faces are just inches and I can feel his warm breath on my face. He pecks my forehead while his hands start slowly rubbing my back. I place my hands in his curls, slightly sliding them through as he leans in and presses his lips on mine gently. He kisses me slowly and I kiss back, like usual. The kiss is nothing special just feels like the same old thing.

As Harry tries to deepen the kiss his phone rings. He quickly lets go and picks up his phone. A couple minutes later he hangs up and looks at my eyes.

"It was Gemma. She has just arrived in London and wants me to pick her up in the airport and take her shopping. Probably gonna be long. Are you coming with me?"

"I'm too tired, Harry. I'll stay here and sleep" I answer.

"Okay, boo. I have to go now. I'll be back late. Bye, sweetheart," he replies and pecks my lips.

"Bye," I force a smile. He leaves his room and runs downstairs, then heads to the airport with his Range Rover.

I lay on the bed, can't sleep even though I'm tired. Well might as well try.



I wake up too early this morning. I walk into the kitchen and find Melanie, eating her breakfast alone.

"Morning," she greets me. She has showered and now wearing pink blouse with white cardigan and black skirt. She smells really good, like an angel. I don't realize that i'm staring at her for a while, admiring her beauty.

"Niall?" she says. My mind goes back to reality.

"Oh, um.. sorry. Hey, Melanie," I reply and try to control myself. I can't help but blush as her gorgeous blue eyes meet mine.

"About to go to work?" I ask. She nods and continues eating in silence. I grab Apple Jacks, pour it to my bowl and add some milk then quietly eat in the kitchen. I chew slowly.

"Niall," Melanie begins as I look towards her direction. "Would you help me with something?" she asks.

"Sure, what is it?" I reply and feel my heart beats faster.

"Would you mind driving me to work? Harry's too tired from last night and he's still sleeping" she asks.

"Um.. Sure," I reply. "I'll have to shower first," I said putting my bowl in the sink and jogging to get myself cleaned up.

After I showered, I grab my key on the kitchen table and get in the car. Melanie comes and sits in passenger seat beside me. On our way her phone rings then she picks it up. I sigh, it must be Harry. I try to focus on the road in front of me. I don't want to hear her conversation, it'll make me want to puke. A few moment later she hangs up.

"Niall," she says. "My manager just called, she said I didn't need to go to work cause our client couldn't come," she explains. A smile slowly creeping on her face.

"Oh really? So where should we go now? You want to go back to the flat?" I ask.

"No," she replies, a little too quickly . "Just take me somewhere interesting, I'm bored. Is that okay?"

"That's totally fine. Let's go to the park," I suggest.

"Sounds fun. Okay," she replies. I drive to Eastburry Rd. and stop in front of Oxhyde Park. We arrive and decide to buy ice cream then walk around. It's been long time since I've visited this park. The park is so beautiful. There are a lot of trees and flowers. I can see that Melanie's enjoying the walk, very much. I can see her eyes wide open admiring the flowers. She smiles widely, she looks very cute, like a princess. I can't help it anymore. I move my hand and start touching her fingertips, hold it in my hand. My face turns red as our skin meets, and I look at our hands, they fit perfectly. I blush and my face turns facing the ground. I'm afraid to place my eyes on her.

We stop by the lake, our hands are still together and we stare at the lake. It's so beautiful, I love the scenery. The water is sparkling as the warm morning sun shines. There are a lot of swans swimming there, and lotus floating in the water. We sit under oak tree and I just don't realize, we both are still holding hands. I don't want to pull my hand off and probably neither does she. I brace myself to take a look on her. She's so beautiful. Her blue eyes are shining and her cheek turns pink making her looks more stunning. She smiles and shows her white teeth and a dimple on her left cheek. Her wavy jet black hair dancing in the winds breeze, blowing me away from reality.

Realizing that she's being stared at, she turns her face towards me. I'm paralyzed. My heart beats so fast, I can't think straight. I lean in and peck her pink cheek. She laughs a little and pulls her hand from mine. Then surprisingly she lays her head on my shoulder blade. Oh my god, my face is as red as a tomato right now. I clear my throat and try to control myself. She mumbles a song and her voice is so sweet. She lifts her head and I stretch my muscles. I notice her staring at my biceps. I smile at the ground and lay on the grass with arms wide open. She lays beside me and rests her head on my arms. My heart beats faster and faster. I wrap my arms around her body and move her head to my chest. She places her hand on my stomach and rubs it gently. I hold her tight, don't want to let her slip off my arms. She might be taken, but this time she's unofficially mine.

I place my hand on her hand and squeeze it gently. My other hand explores her face. My finger joins the freckles on her nose and the dimple on her cheek, my nose makes contact with her forehead. I pull her hand towards my face and kiss the back of my hand. She shows her cheeky smile, I can see she's enjoying the moment. My fingers run to her hair and play with her black wavy hair. I lean in and kiss her head. I can smell her hair and the smell is so familiar. It smells like Harry's shampoo.

Suddenly an unpleasant feeling builds up in my chest. My mind comes back, I realize that she's Harry's girlfriend. I have no rights to ruin their relationship. Reality ruins my life.

I pull my hand off her hair and get up. The pain is creeping up in my chest, knowing I don't deserve this. We stand up and stare at each other. I stare at her beauty with guilty feeling and scars in my heart.



His green eyes are so heavenly. I can see perfection, innocence, and safety there. I can't stop smiling, I don't want this to end. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek softly then he slowly puts his hands around my waist. His eyes shows hesitations so I hug him tightly and so does he. His nose touches my neck and I can feel his warm breath greets my skin. We cuddle for several minutes until I hear a voice from his stomach. We let go and he blushes. Then we burst out laughing.

"Well, let's find something to eat," I say between laughter.

We stand up then walk out of the park, holding hands. We head to the restaurant near the park. Then I see a bright light flutters as we walk on the curb. I turn around and look in horror at the source of the light.

"Shit, paparazzi!" I curse and pull my hand off his.

"Fuck! Run towards the car, Mel!" he curses. We quickly run and finally reach the car. We're safe but those disgusting dicks has taken many pictures of us.


A/N: HELLO! So this is Savannah writing this A/N . I'm co-writing with an amazing girl named Denna. She's the one that wrote this chapter. Well be switching on and off :) So ill leave this note short. Go read Denna's other story her account is Nialler1910! Bye lovelies :)

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