A Little Piece Of Heaven

Why must feelings complicate things?
The love, lust, everything.

I'm not a bad person for being in love with my boyfriends friend.

All I wanted was just a little piece of heaven. Is that so bad?

But what came out was much different then what I expected.


2. Caught In The Act

*Niall's POV*


What the hell did I do?

Paps just caught us. It not like we were doing anything bad its just...

I don't even know! What came over me?! That's Harry's girlfriend. Not mine.

But just the feel of her hands in mine made me feel like it belonged their. In my hands, not Harry's. I'm thinking this all as I drive until I feel a hand touch my forehead.

"You're going to get wrinkles at an early age," she says smoothing out the wrinkles that I have on my head from concentrating too much.

"Where are we going?" she asks. I can't go home yet. I need a drink.

"I'm taking you home."

"Where are you going?" She asks.

"Out." I say. I don't want to seem rude but I can't feel this way about her. She's not mine. She's with one of my best mates.

"Oh," she whispers once we pull up at the house. She leaves out the car quickly. I want to tell her something. Maybe apologize for my attitude but the words can't leave me as she enters the flat and slams the door.


* Melanie's POV *

Gosh, I'm so stupid! Why did I do that?

I walk in the house.  No one's home. The rest of the boys must be going out somewhere.

I sit on the couch questioning today's events. I shouldn't have gone out with Niall today. Now those paps have those pictures of us. There bound to leak everywhere. I honestly don't know what came over me. I felt like something else was speaking for me when I was with Niall. I felt butterflies. When his lips touched my cheek my life felt like a dream.

Melanie stop! You have a boyfriend stop thinking those bloody thoughts, you love Harry.

I sigh and stand up looking at the clock. 3 pm.  I'll just make an early dinner for the boys and then I'll head to sleep. Today's activities has tired me out.

I decide to just go simple and make spaghetti. Once the foods has finished I eat a plate then go to mine and Harry's room turning on some soft music and once my head hits the pillow fall asleep.




"NIALL! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"  Who's yelling this early? I'm still sleeping for fucks sake!

"What are you talking about mate?"

"FUCKING THIS! WHY ARE YOU HOLDING MY GIRLFRIENDS HAND?!" That's when I bolt out of the bed. Shit. Harry finds out.

I put on a decent pair of clothes and run downstairs.

"Its not what it looks like Harry. I swear," Niall says once I enter the living room.

"THEN WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT LOOK LIKE NIALL?! CAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE DATING MY GIRLFRIEND!" Harry yells in Niall's face not acknowledging my presence.

I look for the item that is causing this mayhem. An article. Damn these dicks move fast. I walk over towards the couch which the article is placed and look at them. I examine the article.

The headline saying, "Is Melanie Going in 2 Directions?" It talks about how me and Niall were holding hands and looking like we were in love. They only got when we were walking to get something to eat. Nothing from when we were cuddling. I turn towards Harry and notice him glaring at me.

"Harry, Niall's right. It's not what it looks like."

"THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS IT MEL? ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!" Harry yells in my face. I take a step back making some space in between us. I have a rage of anger flash by me and I snap.

"WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU?! WHY WOULD I EVER CHEAT ON YOU? DON'T YOU TRUST ME, OR SOME NOSY ASS DICKS?" I scream walking up to his face. My voice starts to falter when I see Harry's expression change, he looks remorseful, "Do you think I don't love you, Harry? Is that it?"

Harry takes a step back realizing how stupid it is to believe anything the media says and engulfed me in a hug. "I'm.....oh gosh babe I don't know why I believed the headlines. I should have asked you before anything. I'm sorry, I do trust you. I love you," Harry whispers in my ear.

"Its okay babe. I love you," I tell him pulling him into a kiss. There they go. The butterflies that I feel with Harry. But they are not near the butterflies I felt when Niall touched me.

Why am I comparing Niall and Harry right now? I need to stop. I pull away from Harry and grab the article and rip it then throw them away.

Harry walks towards Niall apologizing about his actions. They give each other a hug and everything is fine. As I see them hug Niall mouths toward me "Thanks"  I nod and start walking upstairs. Another day at work.

"Mel wait! " I turn around to the call of my nickname. Niall is walking towards me as Harry is walking towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, Niall? We really shouldn't be talking. "

"Don't worry, I told Harry that I was asking about work. I just want to say can we just forget what happened?" He says leaning a hand against the wall.

I'm taken aback but keeping a calm facade. Yeah I know that we have to keep this quiet but to act like nothing happened? But he's right. I love Harry.

"Yeah, Niall I've completely forgotten already," I say in a calm voice.

"Good. Now go get ready, you have work today our little designer," he says giving me a wink and then he does something I don't expect. He kisses my cheek then walks off. Sure it might of seems like a friendly thing to him. But to me it means much more.


*Niall POV*

I peck her on the cheek in a friendly way then walk upstairs. She might think that that was friendly peck but for me it means more.

My heart is still racing as I'm making my way towards my bedroom. When I walk in, I hear a familiar tone from under my pillow. It was All Around The World by Justin Bieber, my bloody ringtone. Someone's calling me.

I grab my phone then answer the call without bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Hello?" I speak.

"Good morning, Niall," a deep voice across the phone replies. "I'm Chris from the management," he continues. Oh, that's Chris, Simon's secretary.

"Uh, okay?" I reply, don't know what to say.

"Well, we've seen the article about you and Melanie that has spread on the internet," Chris trails off. My heart beats much faster against my chest wall and my palm gets clammy.

"I-It's not wh-what it seems," I stutter, rubbing my temples.

"But that is what people see, that Melanie is cheating on you. That is the impression you gave to the public," Chris says firmly, puts the emphasis on the word that. "And now people will think that Melanie is a cheater and you're like a 'player' who 'steals' your best friend's girlfriend."

"I'm sorry," that is all I can say.

"So we decided to do something about it," Chris states, ignoring my apology.

"What's that?" I ask, getting clumsy and afraid of what will they do.

"You won't like it, but you have no choice. Sorry," Chris says.

"Just tell me," I demand impatiently. I can feel the lump in my throat and uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

Chris lets out a sigh then answers, tells me what the management is going to do to me. My heart sink and I can't believe the words that Chris has just said. What the fuck?

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