When your girlfriend breaks up with you for reasons she won't tell it breaks your heart.Trust me Louis i know how it feels. What Louis doesn't know is that she left him to protect him and now he sees her every where.


2. Niall

Lou's POV

It's been a week sense she broke up with me and i was still a mess.The lads and I where watching the news again this time there was a story on a boy around our age that had been killed.There was a knock on the door Zayn got up to open it. "What are you doing here?" he said to the person a bit harshly "I need to see Niall." the person what I know that voice it was her!Why did she want to see Niall? "I don't think thats a good idea." Zayn said "Well I have to so bring him to me unless you want people to get killed." She said I knew that had scared him because he came running into the room we where in "Niall there someone for you at the door." he said. Niall walked to the door we where all silent "Yes?" he said in a kinder tone "Your coming with me." She said and the door shut

Niall's POV

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the car she told me to get in. I got in and she walked around to the drivers seat and started to drive.After a 10 minute car ride we pulled up to a gate she showed someone her pass i tried to see what it said but couldn't she told me to get out and fallow her i did as she said we walked into a room with a table and four chairs "Sit down." i sat down and she sat across from me."First of all no telling anyone about this EVER.Second do you know this man." she said showing me a picture "Ya he's a good friend." I told her she took a deep breath "Niall he was killed.We need you to tell us was there anyone who would want to kill him?" she asked "Um..Only one kid named Jack he didn't like any of us said he'd get ride of us all one day." 

            4 hours later  still Niall's POV

She drove me home "Remember no telling anyone what happened today." "Even the lads?" "Yes." I sighed then walked into our house and she drove away."So what did she do to do you?" Harry asked "I-I can't tell you" i said They all looked mad at me i ran to my room and locked the door.**Hey the first part is Lou's POV**

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