When your girlfriend breaks up with you for reasons she won't tell it breaks your heart.Trust me Louis i know how it feels. What Louis doesn't know is that she left him to protect him and now he sees her every where.


4. Just a Dream and flashbacks

Lou's pov

I woke up from a dream. I tiptoed to Niall's room i opened the door "Niall?" i whispered "Yes Lou?" he said turning around he didn't look like he'd been sleeping "Are you two brother and sister?" i asked "Huh?" he asked "When you left the other day was it because you and her are siblings?" i asked he sat up "No Lou where not siblings." he said (A/N if you haven't caught on the last chapter was a dream.) I nodded then left and went back to my room i shut my door and turned on my lamp i pulled out a box it had pictures with her and some of her stuff. First thing i pulled out was a picture cut out of a newspaper FLASH BACK

i had gotten a call from the FBI i had to identify a body i drove to the house they told me to come to. when i pulled up i got nervous this was Eleanor's brothers flat. The lads had come with me for support i walked in and to people with jackets that said FBI i looked at the body and burst into tears there was the body of my girlfriend she had blood on her. A pretty blonde haired girl came over and calmed me down i figured she was a related to El or something. She gave me a hug and i cried onto her shoulder

END OF FLASHBACK. The picture was of us hugging when i was crying. That wasn't the best way to meet i mean i was in love with Eleanor if she was still here i would be to and not be heart broken over another girl. Next was the promise ring i gave her for her birthday. FLASH BACK

It was after the party i had given her a locket and now i was giving her the ring. I walked into the kitchen she and Niall where talking about some recipe. i came up behind her and hugged her from behind i held the box in front of her she opened it "Whats this?" she asked "Its a promise ring." she smiled and slipped it on END OF FLASH BACK

Some promise. i thought she didn't even stay with me for two years! i curled with one of her sweatshirts she had left here. A tear slipped out before i fell asleep


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