When your girlfriend breaks up with you for reasons she won't tell it breaks your heart.Trust me Louis i know how it feels. What Louis doesn't know is that she left him to protect him and now he sees her every where.


3. I thought we came before girls Niall

Niall's pov 

i walked downstairs and grabbed breakfast I sat down to eat the boys where already sitting they glared at me but Lou who just looked down I wanted to scream She's an FBI agent a friend of mine was murdered and you all hate me. But I can't my phone rings I get up to answer it I come back five minutes later I push my food away the boys look at me "Jeez Niall we thought we came before girls and you broke the bro code." Zayn snaps I look up tears running down my checks "Niall what's the matter?" Liam asks suddenly worried "M-m-my mum s-s-she's missing and Greg is in the hospital from being shot in the arm his wife is also missing and she's pregnant. To make things even better my dad was murdered!" I say getting up I run to the bathroom and grab razor and cut my wrist I left out the worst part the boys are suspects! I cut my arm tears running down my face. Last thing I remember was Liam yelling for help then all the boys' faces worry written all over them. I woke up to the boys surrounding my hospital bed. They look relived pissed and hurt. I was about to say something when the door flys open. She walks in "Boys." She says looking at the boys "Niall I'm your sister." She whispers I look at her shocked she gives me a weak smile she looks out the window "LOUIS!!" She screams pushing him outta the way pulling out her gun a shots someone or something three people come in I have no clue who. "What is that your 15th kill?" A guy around 20 asks "Off much Brooks 36th." She said. "So I have a question are you Niall a thing or what?" Harry blurts out. We start laughing "He's my brother!" She says. "So then why'd you brake up with me?" Lou says she sighed. She sat down on my bed. "My mother is missing my brothers are in the hospital my dad was killed and my sister-in law is also missing. All just to get to me and brake down and quit the FBI, I've killed 36 people and hurt at least 85. It's unsafe for you." She says looking into his eyes. "I'll risk it." He says "No you won't I'm leaving tomorrow you may only see me when I visit Niall." She says kissing Niall's check then leaves with the three people. Great I may never see my sister again! 

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